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Hi, good night all.

Today we will take you to one of our favorite shop.

We will eat fried rice hawker stalls.

It Jules and children.

Hi guys.


You're far away.

Danger once, use magic hand.

Magic hang, magic hand, magic hand, magic hand We did it.

Hi Sether.

[Seth] Let's eat.


Ya see this place friends, no eggs, no noodles on top here.

There is rice in a large container.

There are vegetables and so on.

Hello, night.

The first dilakukakan is frying eggs Spices in there.

Oh yes it is definitely good.

Low ligh of this camera is outstanding.

Add salt and other seasonings, certainly there Msg.

Many people think that Msg was not good and it was certainly true.

But I think the fried rice is also not good.

Why not, at least it feels good.

[Julie] In here there are crackers.

Wow, great.

Let's try one.

We'll see.

Crisp, fresh.

Yes it was tasty.

[Julie] It's very good, there are pieces of carrot and cucumber.

[Julie] And they immerse it in water, sugar and vinegar.

[Julie] And this is delicious added to rice.

[Julie] Into fried rice.


Looks good.

You can Sether rice.

Sarah has been able to rice.

Jules has been able to rice.

I did not get anything.

Have I need more time because they add chili.

So hopefully, they cook all the time and then take them and add the chilli has got to me.

Surely good, hopefully.


Both Jules will soon attempt.

[Julie] Enak.

Is it spicy? [Julie] Not spicy at all.

[Julie] Not spicy at all but tasty.

[Julie] The rice is good, I like.

Our drinks came, I ordered sweet iced tea.

Seth message orange ice.

And Sarah is also the message of iced tea.

[Sarah] It was delicious.

And Jules message Fresh iced tea.

Sarah you want to try? {Sarah] Yes.

Both now Sarah also want to try.

[Sarah] GOOD same as usual fried rice.


[Seth] Enak.

Good? [Seth] Yes, still a little hot.

[Seth] Not spicy but tasty.

Let's try the rice and see if they really make it spicy.

Once supposed to be spicy, super spicy, extra spicy.

Many words in it.

It feels good.

And this heat on my tongue but not too spicy.

So that's why they provide this on the table.

It was a little spicy.

The chili is tasty.

Very delicious.

Surely I would eat a half from here.

But now I am going to eat my meal and talk with you shortly.

The new can rock.

One needs to consider when you eat rice here.

is a rock.

Sometimes there in rice.

See where this tissue.

Open it and inside there is toilet paper.

It was taken from the middle.

Then get out of here.

And is he the tissue.

You can use this in the toilet too if you want.

See these in the ceiling.


Around looking for food tonight.

There are others here.

The one over there.

The others over there.

It's her menu.

The fried rice is 11 thousand.

There are different types of food.

Our drinks respectively in 2000.

Seth, she ordered orange ice so got him three thousand.

So Julie would pay, we see how much they cost.

Thank you very much.

Yes, thank you.


How much it costs? [Julie] 53 thousand.


Good guys we've finished eating here and I think we all are satisfied.


We were all full.

Our message 4 plate of fried rice.

Our message 5 drinks.

and the price is 53 thousand rupiah.

Approximately USD $ 4 If you could eat at street vendors.

Coming to this place.

Looks like this.

It's on a side street in Indonesia.

and there is a link in the description for this video.

So you can come directly to this location on google maps.

Until then, Have a nice day and Keep Smiling :).

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