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What's up? You ready?怎么样?你准备好了吗? I'm ready, are you ready?我好了,你呢? Hell yeah, I'm ready.

I got my team.

当然了!这是我的团队 Furious Freddy.

愤怒的弗莱迪 Rawr吼叫 And I got Michaela Mayhem.

还有超强破坏力的麦克拉 I will cut you.

我会干掉你 Who you got?你有谁呢 I got my team over here.

我的全队在这里 This is Carol "the Chomper.

"这是卡罗尔,食人花 And my secret weapon: Michael.

还有我的秘密武器 They call him "the Sinkhole.

"大家说他像无底洞一样会吃 Alright.

Let's do this!好了,我们开始吧! Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to what promises to be a very exciting event today.

女士们先生们今天保证会有一个令人兴奋的竞赛 I'm your host, Don Danmian.

Here with me is my cohost, Jen Bing.

我是你们的主持人担担面,这是我的搭档煎饼 This is going to be quite an exciting match, huh Jen?感觉会是一个很high的比较哈,小煎饼 It is! The contestants are definitely ready and revving是呀吃饭比赛一定要时刻准备着然后全速前进 and they look pretty intense at what they are doing.

他们看起来很紧张的样子 Just look at how concentrated they are.

看看他们多专注 That's right, Jen.

Now let's take a look at the foods that will be in play for today's contest.

是的小煎饼,我们先来看看今天的竞赛的食物吧 The first comes from the Shanghainese Yuan Yuan in Shanghai首先我们来到主打上海菜的圆苑 prepared by Chef Wang Li Wei, we have Scallion Oil Noodles.

由大厨王丽卫操刀的葱油拌面 Scallion Oil Noodles are just one of the many amazing dishes at Yuan Yuan.

葱油拌面是圆苑众多招牌菜里的一道 With other classic Shanghainese dishes like Hong Shao Rou and Xiao Long Bao.

其他还有很多经典的上海菜比如红烧肉,小笼包等 Next up, delivered straight from the Cantonese Heng Shan Xiao Guan,然后我们来看看主打广东菜的衡山小馆 and Chef Lu Jian is a magnificent Beef Chow Fun.

主厨卢建为我们带来干炒牛河 The taste really comes from the combination of the right amount of sauces蔬菜和肉还有酱汁结合的香味扑鼻而来 with a quick stirring motion.

It's a test of a true Cantonese chef.

大火快炒的牛河是最考验大厨功力的 Third on the list hails from Pin Chuan第三个餐厅是品川 where Chef Li Qiang has cooked up a spicy Poached Beef with a chili kick.

大厨李强为我们烹饪了水煮牛肉 First he cooks the beef and the sprouts, and then首先大厨先将牛肉与豆芽煮熟 BAM, hits you with the chili powder, the hot oil and the fried peppers on top.

然后铺上花椒辣椒大蒜,浇上滚烫的热油 A crowd favorite from the well known Taiwanese chain, Chamate.

然后来到著名的台湾连锁餐厅一茶一坐 Chef Ji Qiao Lian serves us a mean Yuxiang Eggplant.

大厨纪巧莲为我们煮了鱼香茄子 Fun fact: this is the only food provided today cooked by a female chef!事实上这是今天唯一的一位女大厨 She was a wonderful and smiley woman.

她还可爱而且很爱笑 And finally, all the way from the Yunnan style restaurant Southern Barbarian.

最后我们来到云南系的南蛮子 Chef Zhou An Zhong's Chinese Mashed Potatoes.

主厨周安众为我们带来了老奶洋芋 They add a cup of oil to the potatoes while they're being cooked to soften them up.

他在土豆里面加入一些水让它口感更软绵 That's quite a line up there Don.

Here are the rules:看起来仅仅有条哦小担担,我们来讲一下规则 Each team gets a plate full of 5 different foods.

每个队伍有5盘不同的菜 And the goal is for the whole team to collectively finish, in order to be the winner.

哪只队伍在最短的时间里吃完就算获胜 There are no hands allowed and no utensils.

Only with their mouths and faces.

不允许用手和餐具,只能把脸凑到盘子吃 Thanks Jen.

Now let's go down to the field where the contest is about to start.

谢谢小煎饼,现在我们回到现场去看看比赛马上开始了 Alright.

Listen up you guys.

大家听好了 No cheating.

No tricks.

No dirty nonsense.

I've got my eyes on you.

不要作弊,不要耍小花样,不要的偷偷的乱搞,我会盯着你的哟 LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!预备备 GO!开始 And they're off.

他们开始了 Wow, look at that! Now I know why they call him "the Sinkhole.

"哇看看,现在我知道为什么大家说他是无底洞了 He's just demolishing all those noodles.

他刚刚摧毁了面条 I'm just getting word now that the prize for this contest is actually 1000 RMB cash.

我刚刚收到消息说这个比赛赢家会有1000元现金的奖励 Wow, that's a surprising turn of events that's going to make everyone much more motivated to finish.

哇是个惊喜,大家对赢得比赛更有冲劲了 Ah, look at Freddy go.

快看弗莱迪 That mountain of noodles he had on his plate, he's almost demolished them.

盘子里堆得像小山一样的面条,他已经几乎都吃完了 Man, I have to say.

Adam and Jenny are really lagging behind their teammates.

哦我不得不说,亚当和珍妮都好逊哦 They're kind of letting them down.

Hopefully something will turn around towards the end.

真是让人失望啊,希望他们后面能给力些 Oh spicy.

Woo!哇好辣啊啊啊啊 Michaela.

Don't forget Michaela.

She is definitely near the end of her plate now.

麦克拉,别小看麦克拉,她已经几乎吃完盘子里的东西了 Yeah and Carol is just a dark horse on Jenny's team.

哦卡罗拉是珍妮队伍里的一匹黑马 She's picking at everything on her plate and it's almost done.

她每样食物都选了而且几乎吃完了 And now that Michael's done, he walking over to the other team迈克现在已经吃完了, 他走去另一队 and just heckling them, in their face.

Rubbing it in.

Man that takes guts.

向他们示威,革命尚未成功同志们请继续努力 Wow look at that!快看快看 In a surprising turn of events, Michael has joined over and helped Jenny complete some of her plate.

迈克完成自己的食物后又开始吃珍妮盘子里的食物 I don't know if that's legal, but it sure is exciting.

我不知道这个是不是符合规则,但是让人好激动啊 And look over there.

Freddy is also stepping in to help Adam out.

快看那边,弗莱迪也去帮亚当了 Man, what a disappointment Adam is turning out to be.

真是的,亚当怎么这么弱呢 He has almost an entire plate of food left and there's only two minutes.

他还剩满满一盘子食物,现在只剩2分钟了 It's coming down to the wire.

It's really really close.

We'll see who's about to win.

两支队伍的实力都好接近,看看最后谁会赢呢 There's only a few second left.

还剩最后几秒 One last big bite.

最后一大口食物 Finished.

吃完了 Finished.

吃完了 Finished.

吃完了 Finished.


吃完了,吃完了 No.

没吃完! This team wins!这支队伍赢了! Wow look at that! Jenny's team has won the grand prize of 1000 RMB.

哇珍妮的队伍赢了1000元现金呢 Jenny sure knows how to pick her team.

看来还是珍妮比较知道如何挑选她的团队 You said it.