Eating Chinese Foods Miss My Family – Team Activities 2016 | VLog#02

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yes Today My brother just back from my second brother's wedding at Koh Kong Province So today we want to eat soup with them Because we want to release some stress after the great work at Koh Kong Province So, Please enjoys with Chinese Foods yeah, with us In this video, you will see The way he make it because all these foods are really nice and delicious and we're wonder why? and how ingredient that he did? So please enjoys Yes, just want to tell that This Chinese Foods is really delicious and behind me is the Own of this shop and he is very good at for mixing some ingredients for all the guests and most of the costumers They're really like his shop and always supporting Just simple, but it is really amazing Ok, Please enjoys our eating yes You know today, I'm so happy with my brother that They just back from Koh Kong Province you now ! to join my second brother wedding day But I'm sorry that I can't join because I have some works at Phnom Penh ok? So never mind, but I hear a lot of story of them I'm really fresh especially, my father and my uncle Yeah They are good with each other because at the past of time they never talk to each other but now everything is change and I just know that Life like this ! When we have one problem another problem will appear when another problem appear everything must be fix like this and I do hope in the future after I'm good at doing it and I finish and success my business my whole family will gathering again and will be happiness ok, so enjoys with our eating Ok Thanks so much for watching I hope you will enjoys with this video and Don't forget What I'm sorry that i post video relate to eating because some of my friends especially my sister don't be hungry ok? and most of my friends Ok Again, thanks so much for watching and Don't forget subscribe our channel YoursTV Bye Bye.