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Nine, I take ten only.

Try ten.

Hi good afternoon.

Today we will bring you lunch with us.

We went to a new place, I have never been there.

Sarah is already there with the previous Veron.

And it's called Chicken Geprek Bu Na Nan Bu ya? [Seth] Bu Nanik.

Nanik? Oh Bu Nanik.

this! We will be here.

and in this place they destroy chicken along with cabainya.

Definitely good.

Let's go and see.

Seemed popular.

How do we do it? Sarah will show us how to do it.

[Sarah] So grab a plate and then the chicken select themselves and can choose as tempeh, tofu, eggs, chili.

and input into the dish.

and give to him, he would destroy it.

and rice included in a different plate for which only one will be destroyed.

and can gravy tongseng too.

Okay, let's see.

First we take the dishes.

Take this one.

Rice paper.

Put on a plate cane.

[Sarah] You have to remember what you choose.

Could get me a chicken? [Sarah] Which one? That one.


Then take cabainya.

[Sarah] Yes select chili and you can download the tempe if you want.


I do not know how much chilli I needed so let input.

[Seth] Maybe for you 15.

15? That's how much? 1,2,3,4,5,6.

[Julie] You'd better take over.

Do you think so? [Julie] seems pretty it was not too spicy for you.

[Seth] You have to take 12.

Take 10 only.

Try 10, okay.

Take these two.

and two of these.

[Sarah] It's all going to be destroyed.

Yes, I know.

That would be nice, I think I just got.

Well, looks like this.

Once they destroy it.

There are 10 here chili, chicken with tempeh.

and all be together here.

This soup can also.

and Seth continued to say This is good, this is very good.

[Julie] GOOD.

Is it true? Super tasty? Yes.

You've tried the soup yet? Let's try something we just talked about.

[Seth] Enak.

[Julie] Heat? Good? [Seth] No heat.

[Julie] Not hot? Why? I had a tasty at all.


I'm afraid, so I wear I wear a chili only.

But I like.

Is it spicy? Not at all.

Well, let's try.

10 chili.

I'm supposed to take over.

But you can use more chili.

Let's try the sauce.

Here are cabbage huh? Let's try.

It feels, it feels like china town in Kuala Lumpur.

You have to try.

China town in Kuala Lumpur.

So it seems China town SS.

Oh wow, yeah.

Correct ?! Just like that.


Good, let's get out of here.


So it was good, the food was delicious.

Not too spicy, the next I'll take 20 chili.

Jules will pay now, we see how much it costs.

They make the sauce, fry the chicken.

They fry the chicken here.

Frying chicken is huge.

This place is washing her plate.

So it costs 68 thousand rupiah.

68 thousand rupiah, or about $ 5.

For all our lunch.

So it is not too expensive with drinks and others.

Let's go to the car and go home.

We do not go home.

We here at the Mall, Hartono Mall.

Jules said we had not to the Mall.

So we are here, not because we did not have long to Mall But he will be shopping and there is something he wants to buy.

and usually it is only in Hypermart.

So we are here because Hypermart.

So we're down and buy special items that, I'll show you what it was.

Soon but pertema-theme, Coffee.

Yes J.

Co, Coffee J.


You said da to whom? Sarah and Seth.

I left several game points on my card game.

So Sarah and Seth take it to play games.

We shop.


Red Bull cars, cool.

The first stop.


Co for coffee.

You want some coffee, too? Yes, Americano.

As we waited for the coffee I will show you the stats on my channel.

Look at this.

This is before we start the daily vlgging.

and here when we started daily vlogging.

Increased nice, of course, a very big change because we made a video every day.

We want to thank all who already subscribe to our channel.

We love to read your comments At the stables we had no chance to reply to all of them but we tried to read and reply to as many as we can.

Thank you very much.

And also (Like) there is a lot to like in our video, so thank you lke it and especially share.

Sharing (share video) is most helpful because when you share our video on facebook or twitter It provides the opportunity for other people to see our video and it was very mebantu.

So thank you very much to share it.

Jules took a small basket.

They've got big.

but we are not spending a lot.

It is a medium coffee from J.

Co, You want smaller? I hope that the smaller but me, my message is the medium.

I guess a small medium.

So far we take two items, No raisin and no beans.

So here it is.

See if we can get a third, look at that.

They had bacon.

This is our favorite, streaky.

Streaky Becon tasty.

They also had a Danish ham, smoke ham.

Steaky bacon.

It's all here today.

Sometimes they had the salami.

No Back bacon too.

Oh yes, back bacon.

I say.

Baby back bacon or something.

I do not know say.

Bacon back, I do not know.

Sometimes they had a dip in it as well, it was nice.

But today they did not have it.

Cocktail Wieners or something.

Pork cocktail.

it was small as usual hotdogs, half as long hotdog.

No cheese.

Bega Cheese.

So look at the price of cheese here like this cheese.

It's not too big, right? and it costs about $ 7 so we had an idea.

Looking sour caream, something unusual.

Looking sour cream, we've got bacon, cheese can already, now we just need potatoes for dinner.

Chips here Jules.

Well, what else do we need.

We need a coke zero.

Take one.

You can what? We can be a lot of tickets.

Tickets that you can where? Kings of fun.

May I see? What would you do with it? We will store and buy something, maybe fried.

Buy fried untu Ajeng? But there is one game where the ball rolled down and we could be a good or bad.

Seth I play and I can 6 tickets, Seth could 50.

Amazingly, look at it very long.

Wah was a long one, turn so that you can see on the screen.

As I said earlier we ate baked potatoes (baked potatoes).

So this is how to make a baked potato.

At least how we've made.

We never bake a potato.


This is the first time.

Yes this is the first time we made a baked potato in Indonesia.

So you need to do is take the potatoes and then wrapped with a thin foil.

Then enter in the oven.

The temperature how? you remember? 425 degrees farenheit.

425 degrees Fahrenheit, about 218 degrees centigrade.

For how long? About an hour? One hour is okay, but I made it longer.

So make up in the tender and can be pierced with a fork and if the fork can enter easily then it is ready.

Yes So what we'll do is we'll take this one.

Then halved.

Then enter the sour crean in it.

with cheese and butter.

and bacon.

Yes baby bacon.

And Jules also cook Spam that we can from the mail a few days ago.

Yes that you provide.

Yes bacon and some spam from Australia.

Who came from Jakarta.


Never heard that before.

It was first tried it.

So let's make this soon, I'll show you what it's like.

and you could try to make at home if you want.

Good so, uh hot.

The first step.

Open the package.

It's hot.

In pieces.

Disposable foil alone.

In the open.


Could be better than this.

and a little more bersiih.

for others.

Then use butter, Butter.

This real butter instead of the blue band.

Instead of margarine.

Then Sour cream.

Sour cream looks like this, you probably do not know.

Looks like this, looks like yogurt but different.

Almost the same but different.


Then bacon.

IN America we can buy ready-made bacon bits.

But here we have to create your own.

So this looks like baked potatoes.

And you can add other toppings on it but this we had today.

Julie will try to us to know that's how.

Is it the same as baked potato in America? Enak.

Sour cream together? Is it true? I think sour cream a little rough.

But tasty.

Nice, incredible.

I want to try to spam that we can.

Try to them.

Good try.

I think there is little sense of Becon.

But not too strong.

This seems like a very tasty spam.

Good guys, baked potato was very tasty.

If you want to try it very easy to make, I'm sure you can find recipes online.

Otherwise you can see from our video.

But that simple.

Immediately try.

And now we'll go to the house Landung.

and you already knew who he was.

We know from the comments if you knew who he was.

It is true.

So we actually home to him every Thursday night at 6:30 and you can come too, we study the Bible.

there at 6:30 in the evening.

and chat with friends there Having fun.

Drink tea, eat snacks.

And, what are you doing? What do you guys think about this.

already grown here.

many of you see video about the worst motorcycle crash ever.

and in the video you can see I have a beard, bushy beard in Papua.

and you say in maintained anymore.

Just happened Noverbeard.

Novembeard or no shave November.

There are others, Movember.

So I would choose Novembeard.

And this month.

We see the result.

It's already getting thick.

In just 3 days.


And also whiter than before.

Yes a lot of white.

So we see the results in a month and we make decisions In shaving or left.


I hope you come back tomorrow because we've got something interesting.

something different for us.

What we will do in the morning.

That is a secret.

It is true.

So we'll go.

We have not made confirm.

Probably not.

Perhaps there is something interesting in the morning but we have not confirmed to can reply from the person who set it.


So it was still like hidden.

Perhaps something interesting tomorrow.

We hope you come back.

Enatah we do pull it or not.


Well have a nice day beautiful.

Keep Smiling :).

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