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Martin gives me a bit of his beef rendang and it was delicious.

Hi good afternoon everyone! Today we will be eating at Padang another stall in Yogyakarta This is a cheap Padang restaurant.

Some time ago we ate in the restaurant field below this road.

His name Padang Simple and ordinary everyday products.

That these cheap products.

Let's go and see if it's cheaper and we see the comparison.

See, there is a huge variety of food Sether.

You are ready? Let's eat.


The first step we take rice.

We take Sarah wear what? I am not sure.

Add broth, we added cassava leaves.

Chicken breast.

That's what I want.

Yes then look at this as well.

Well we started with it.

Warung Padang is different from what we had before.

They did not bring it to the table, our own spoon in front of them.

and the food selection is not as much as the others.

They have not had the shrimp and other kinds like that.

Not too many vegetables.

Not too many vegetables, it's true.

So I'll show you what we take.

I took two pieces rendang.

With two pieces of chicken.

Two tempeh and vegetables and rice.

I take well with chicken rendang and tempeh.

So you take a piece of rendang.

A piece of chicken and tempeh and rice.

Jules just grab eggs, soybean and rice.

It was not too much Jules.

You want a diet? No.

Seth? Take two eggs.

Two tempeh and rice.

You take a doubling of got mama.

You want a diet? He ran today so she needs.

Well, how much all of this with 4 iced tea.

70 thousand.

For this all.

so you can give a thought whether it is expensive or not.

70 thousand for it all.

Aeperti tradition we will usually see the bathroom.

Okay, let's see if we can find it.

WC where? This.


We'll see, a nice tub and clean.

And toilet.

The bathrooms are clean once.

This kitchen.

So Seth, how's the food? Enak.

It was tasty? and eggs taste good at all.

You enjoy it.


Tasty and not the most comfortable but it was still good.

It's tasty, tasty chicken and rendang.

Keseluaruhannya tasty.

Martin gives me sepotog her beef rendang and it was delicious.

Next we come here if I want to grab it.

4000 for what? Has not been paid, has not been calculated.

Drinks? Yes.

So the prices plus 4000 because they forget to count the drink ,.

So now 78 possible.

Now so 74 thousand.

So now we have two food stalls paadang.

But we want to know do you the most good that we have visited, Such as where the most delicious taste, the price is the best and most value nice place to eat Immediately comments below, tell us where a great place for food desert.

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We want to say have a nice day beautiful and Keep Smiling :).

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