Eating at Restoran Sederhana Masakan Padang | Indonesian Food

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Hi, good afternoon to you.

Our day at the restaurant specials Indonesia Padang Restaurant Simple name.

Traditional food from the island of Sumatra.

We had never eaten here before.

We no shadows except what we have already said.

So let's go in and see.

We've never eaten here, do not know how how.

(Waiter) Later presented later choose.

Wow, we ordered a lot of food.

How could we have ordered so much food.

We ordered too much food.

[Julie] Lots.

Actually we do not order as much as this, it's called a Padang restaurant part of the island of Sumatra.

The way they serve is that they bring all the food to the table.

On a small plate.

and whatever you take it that you pay.

After we finished eating, they came and counting, and we pay for what we take.

And they take back these foods.

To others.

So there are different types of eating such fish heads.

Chicken wings, no cassava leaves.

Squid, fish, other types of fish, chicken, eggs, soup.

More vegetables and shrimp.

[Julile] It beef rendang.

[Julie] I've made this one but it does not look like this.

[Julie] I think it will be more comfortable than I make.

Maybe, maybe a little different.

You start from what Jules? [Julie] I started from rice with rendang, and this is very good.

Enak ya.

[Julie] Yes this is more wet than I do and probably more spicy but I like it.

[Julie] Almost like beef jerky.


Seth you start from what? [Seth] I started from the egg.

[Seth] Rice and shrimp You try this shrimp? Not yet.

We'll see you in a minute reaction.

Sarah you start from what? [Sarah] Rendang like having mama and fish.

[Sarah] Taste delicious fish.

I also started with rendang with cassava leaves and shrimp but see that there is a lot of sauce.

I think this is definitely spicy at all, Both Seth try the shrimp.

[Seth] The aroma is not spicy but it looks spicy.

Spicy? [Seth] A little spicy, [Seth] Now begin spicy.

So spiciness was then.


Your face flushed.

[Seth] my eyes watery.

[Julie] I really like this cassava leaves, is very good.

[Julie] was strong but delicious.

Well, we try cassava leaves.

This is good.

Cassava leaves tasty at all.

This shrimp.

Slightly spicy but not too spicy.

And this law is still there skin.

Often we buy shrimp in Indonesia is still no skin.

So if you do not like to eat shrimp with skin.

Maybe you will not like to eat shrimp here.

But it feels good, I like shells.

Now try rendang.

Yes this is good.

But this is like Jerky.

[Julie] Yes.

Like I was eating beef jerky, very good.

Good guys, this toilet.

Dau here You can shower here if you want.

And nice floor mat.

Empty tissue.

Hand dryer.

Functioning bit.

But there are also hand towels.

For those who want to wear.

Let's look at the price.

[Julie] I hope not too expensive.

Yes hopefully not telalu expensive.

Tv if you like to watch TV while eating.

Well, what do you think about food? [Julie] was very good, the Indonesian food.

Yes it was good, it feels good nice place.

Not too noisy.

[Julie] Tv lit, but no sound.

[Julie] No sound tv.

[Julie] The price is staggering.

That's less than we imagined [Julie] Yes, more.

As we ate lunch at McDonald's today.

over priced significance for all four of us.


[Julie] If we all messages such as potatoes, burgers, mimuman, it costs more than that.

the price is Rp.


About $ 17.

Yes around $ 17.

Yes it sounds cheap for the restaurants in the United States, But not here.

It was expensive.

[Julie] Yes it is expensive.

We do not often eat like that.

So it was a great place for in coming.

and if you want to eat Indonesia, it felt good.

It looks high quality.

[Julie] Yes ministry quickly, [Julie] And we also drink an additional message, they've provided us hot tea and it was tasty.

[Julie] But we each ordered a traditional drink so it makes it a bit expensive.

It is true.

Yes if we did not order drinks will be cheaper.

[Julie] Well, like my avocado juice.

[Julie] So I ordered the avocado juice price is Rp.


[Julie] And if I did not order that it will be cheaper.

It is true.

Good guys, thanks for hanging out with us and watch this video.

[Julie] We wish you a pleasant day and keep smiling :).

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