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Hi everyone, today we bring you to a restaurant here in Yogyakarta name Chicken Penyet Surabaya.

Let's go and see.

We just ordered our meals.

They give us a menu, I want to show you more of the menu.

The menu is just rotating or something like that I do not know how it works.

We took the menu but he stays here until we choose what we want.

So we chose Chicken penyet.

So it penyet chicken with rice and vegetables.

I'll show you when it came, it was definitely good.

Good food you've come.

There penyet chicken, tofu, tempeh, vegetables and rice.

Jules us the same message? [Julie] Same.

Sarah the same message, the same message Seth.

We also added a vegetable, it is watercress.

In Indonesia called kale.

Neither Seth is the first to be tried.

[Seth] Enak.

Is it spicy? [Seth] A little bit.


[Seth] Very salty but tasty.

Yes, good.

Next Sarah tried.

[Sarah] It reminds me of the cracker of a restaurant.

[Sarah] Yes salty.

[Sarah] It reminds me of the cracker, yes.

[Sarah] It's tasty and slightly spicy.

Jules will try now.

[Julie] Okay but I guess this will be very spicy.

[Julie] Well this is it.

[Julie] was very spicy for me.

[Julie] Yes.

[Julie] Yes it was spicy, as Seth says this is very salty but tastes good.

[Julie] Although this is spicy but delicious.

Good guys, we'll try the chicken, there was chili on it.

We try.

Unfortunately because I was ill I can not be too feel it.

But, It makes me cough.

But can I tasted was delicious.

My eyes watery.

Let's see WCnya.

Because this is not a proper review without seeing WC.

I think in the back here.

Yes, here.

Oh you can see a little into the kitchen.

Kitchen there.

This is it It WCnya.

Stainless steel bucket of that luxury.

See the wall, we could be anywhere in the world in this room.


Let's go to another place.

Let's go to one more place.

WC outstanding.

Good guys we finished there, makananya tasty.

It was so good, I think right now it's become one of my favorite eating places.

[Julie] When you do not get sick.

I mean We been there before, I know what it feels like but it seems it was tasty even though I could not taste completely.

Prices are around 100 thousand rupiah Sekiiar 102.

[Julie] 103 Yes 103 thousand rupiah.

So it was around $ 8 Restoranya very bright and clean and everything was very nice.

There are no windows and begged so a bit noisy.

Inside because many vehicles and parking attendants directing vehicles and so on.

It is one you need to know if you if you want to eat there.

If you want to have a romantic dinner, quiet.

Probably not a great place.

But if you want a delicious place.

and spicy food.

It's a must visit, it was tasty.

Good guys thanks for hanging out with us here at Chicken Penyet Surabaya.

[Julie] We wish you a pleasant day and Keep Smiling.

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