Drop Donuts – West African Style – A Taste of Africa 04

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Now I've really enjoyed doing this WestAfrican tropical series I have come full circle back home now and I thought we'dbest do this out in the garden thank you Lois for inspiring me to do thisseries the link's down below to Lois's blog you can get across there and see therecipe.

Now I am going to urge every one of you out there to give this a try because these donutsare just fantastic and what better way to end the series with a lovely dessertfrom West Africa this tropical delicious drop donuts come on.

So many deliciousrecipes start with a very simple ingredients.

I'll put all the measurementsup on the screen as we go along I've got all purpose flour in here teaspoon and a half of a yeast justpopping that to one side some cayenne pepper quarter of a teaspoon maybe a littlebit more, pop that in there as well take a little pinch of salt and in goes somegranulated sugar and what I think makes these donuts fresh nutmeg we're going togrind about half a teaspoon quarter to half a teaspoon fresh nutmeg in there going to pop myself a cup of warm water andyou could keep a little bit back if you like but I think I've measured this outjust about perfect I've got a little dough hook you can use a fork and we're justgoing to mix this now you are going to end up with a batter something like acake batter but a little bit thicker now we need this to rise a little bit sojust going to pop that down we cover it over with a damp cloth put it awaysomewhere for about an hour let it grow in volume now I've got some cooking oil heating up overhere and I'm going to cook these outside now Lois said to me or she commented onher blog you could do these by hand the West African way or you can do them witha little scoop like this now you know me I am going to do this by hand and if youdon't like hands on food talk to the hand now I'm bringing my oil up to 150degrees Celsius at 300 F a little lower than what Lois suggested but Ifind for me it seems to work perfectly well now come down here and take a lookat our batter look how beautiful that is now as soon as I touch that is goingto start to collapse down which is fine it is what we want I'm knocking mybatter back into the bowl like this now this is a sticky batter as you can seebut if we dip our hands in a little water and what I'm going to do it I'mjust going to grab myself a piece of batter it makes it easier to handle if your hands are wet so I've cupped it inmy hand like that I've got my oil and what I'm just going to do is squeeze theseout into the oil trying to get them as round as we can but it's not soimportant and that's why they're called drop donuts now you'll see they start to float tothe top pretty quickly isn't this just a wonderful way of making donuts I canimagine in West African towns and villages them making donuts like this be very careful this oil is super hot ifyou decide to do it this way you better be confident for those of you that don'tlike the idea of the hot fat in your hand you can use a little scoop like this and justget yourself a little bit of the batter pop it gently into the hot oil but forme you know I'm going to do these everytime by hand I just think it's a fun way toexplore these drop donuts just squeeze them out and drop them down andget our lovely smooth drop donut the way they were intended to be made Now you seehow they floated to the top they do tend to almost turn themselvesI'm going to cook them for about five to 10 minutes turning them gently as they gountil I get this wonderful golden brown see how that'sturning just turned by itself as one side gets cooked off it rolls over now you seethese are lovely and golden-brown we can lift these out now I'm just going to popone down on a little bit of paper towel and just let some of the oil come off Nowthese are absolutely perfect in my mind hope you're proud of me Lois don't forget you get across toyummy medleys blog to check out the full recipe now we are getting plaguedby a wasp at the moment he's after the jam in the donuts but he isn't getting any Now Lois served these withstrawberry jam I got a Raspberry jam here now if I take one of these and justcut it through for you just see inside just how light and delicious they are Dip these in a littlejam but Louis these are just too good to me I absolutely adore them this is theway I would eat them straight raw the nutmeg little bit a cayenne pepper that's in therenow these are just so so delicious if you haven't tried this before I urgeyou to give it a try I hope you've enjoyed the West African tropical seriesthat we doing it's been a lot of fun don't forget to get across to yummymedleys blog that is Lois and check out the full written recipes you have to trythese they are superb please share the love give this one the thumbs up I'll see you inthe next video take care Tropical West African fantastic I'm going to have abit of jam for you Lois with some jam Heavenly The West African playlist is here I'll leave a link toanother place also that you can get across and watch in Steve's Kitchen be good comments down below Ilove to hear you take care see you in the next episode.

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