Drinking Kopi Joss (Charcoal Coffee) in Yogyakarta | Indonesian Food

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This is the part they make Kopi Joss.

Good night all.

Today we are in kos Veron.

Kos in Indonesian.

and this was her room.


This is the background to her, maybe you've seen videos of him, he's wearing it.

That is the background.

Good, good.

We do not want to bother him but this boardinghouse where he was, let's get to the front.

and show you what's out here.

We outside But there is a mosque in the front.

It's her bedroom window.

and this mosque.

Oh this is it.

You guys ready to go? All right, let's go.

We'll drink coffee, specialty coffee from here its name Joss coffee.

Wow, it's hard.

Switzerland, no.

I remember it from? Where do I remember that? Oh mengiingat name? Swiss Bell Hotel.

Yes, I think I can.

Why does he want me to remember the name of the hotel? Who knows, but there were ants in my helmet.

and he crawled in my ear.

Did you ever encountered this problem? Ants in your helmet? Never one time there was a family of ants living inside my helmet They're here had one red.

and they are small.

But they love to bite.

They are like ants devil.

And they bite my cheeks and ears.

I had to stop and open up my helmet to issue them.

You remember when I fell in the mud motors? When we went to do a test mosquitoes in the woods.

See my handlebar bent.

Still bengkos.

I do not fix it.

I always forget.

Then its time while riding I think I'll fix it.

Then I forgot to mention.

But I think this is just a little crooked then rotated, I think this is not really crooked.

I think just a little detour.

But now I do not feel it anymore.

at first I felt weird but now I do not feel it at all.

just like normal.

Definitely when I fixed it will feel strange.

We'll turn here.

It is a monument.

It's like munumen Famous monument, you will see a lot of pictures.

If you google on Yogyakarta you'll see a lot of photos of this monument.

We're where? I do not know.

There's plenty of food here, a lot.

coffee Joss Looks like a nice place, maybe.

Seems pretty us here.

Back to G7X Mark II.

And we are here, in a coffee place joss.

Yes? We can? What? Yes maybe we can eat here too.

If you like chicken heads and intestines.

What? You want to see how they make it? Yes, I would.

Get there.


Chicken head.

Chicken intestine.

Well, we booked Coffee Joss, he was made to us.

We see, so only use sugar.

Two of them do not use sugar.

I think it was just a regular coffee.

Yes, regular coffee powder.

This is not instant coffee.

It's very nice coffee powder like powdered expresso.

That's how they usually make coffee here Hot water.

Well, this part where they make coffee joss.


Friends you try it, you'll be fine.

That is how they make coffee joss.

It was a regular coffee.

but no charcoal in it.

with charcoal.

Okay it's him, it was charcoal, because you naughty.

It is true.

It obtained a stupid person.

Mas, why this added? One reducing caffeine.

The second when colds.

Oh colds, oh so.

No, something else? Before the foam was not it ngeluarin oil.

That effect is created flatulence.

Same colds.


This is typical here, Jogja? So he says by adding charcoal.

It reduces caffeine And also reduces colds.

As the wind goes into our bodies.


Okay guys, I told my friends to try this and they try.

But I myself have never tried.

So this is the first time.

Very thick, but the same as the usual coffee.

You have to eat charcoal as well.

No, of course not.

Try that Jules.

With a spoon or what? This is also the special charcoal ashes.

timber of the acid timber.

Oh, I see.

We do not use any wood.


Same coffee did we not vain.

So he says they use a special timber.

They do not use all the wood.

Can you hear me? almost.

so this So this is what we call extortion.

To get paid.

They will be here until someone pays them.

Okay, I'll try.


Ready? Yep.

Yes this is a thick, creamy taste just plain once.

Good guys, looks like this charcoal.

Charcoal is great.

We try.

The coffee is thick.


But I would say that this is good.

This is good Sar.

I want to try.

Do you want to try? Yes.

Should we give her to try? What? Allow him to try? It was bad for him, he was little.

I'm not too small.

But he's willing to be higher than Veron.

Veron drinking coffee when she was young.

See what happens Because I drink my coffee then brown.

Did you see what else is on the menu? Let's see what else they have.

So they've got, this is our message, joss coffee.

and they also have the use of milk.

Maybe it was good that a try.

Then coffee with milk.

with ginger.

Black coffee, they are also a wide variety of tea with orange, ginger.

It is located right in front of the train station.

This is perfect.

We'll drink coffee here and then find dinner there.

Take my helmet.

Because I do not want to leave go pro on the roadside.

So Jules, we think how? We want the message again? Or once enough? One of my pretty.

One just enough huh? They make a very thick, thicker than the coffee that I usually make.

but it was nice to try.

Surely things you must try if you are here.

Try coffee joss.

I think you can make too, made of what the camp.

We can make it when we go camping in America.

No, they say we must use a special wood.

I do not believe it.

This is the place that we choose to eat.

The menu is interesting because There is no price.

Crab, no price.


Shrimp and drinks, nice.

But why did they no price Veron? I do not know.

Perhaps to make us not be shocked by the price.

Maybe so.

I do not know.

Sarah makes her happy soda.

That of sweetened condensed milk with syrup and soda.

enter there and stir.

It was just soda, no flavor.

And he is, here he had chicken.

Yes, village is a village, chicken.

There her feet, looking haggard.

We pay more for chicken.

Because why? Because it is called chicken in Indonesia.

But why is more expensive? Because it is organic.


But we know, I've seen a few chickens in the village, Veron.

and they often eat junk.

and it is in a side street.

Kampong chicken.

Then we had the shrimp.

With his head and and sambal.

We must try.

You ready to eat? You are hungry? You ready to eat shrimp? You must eat.

Who's first? I'll go first.

Yes, do not pray.

We pray first.

So we try this.

Try the red first.

You try which one? Red.

It's a little sweet.

Try the chocolate.

I think this peanut sauce.

Now we try white.

Slightly yellow.

Garlic not, pineapple.

Pineapple? Enak.

We mix it all.

Pour the rice upwards.

Well let's try shrimp.

We'll clean up this part.

Why? Because I do not want to eat this, this is too much for my legs.

What about his head? It swordfish there head.

Well this is it.


I try.

Definitely good.

You eat with the skin.

Yeah I like her skin.

and tail.

I'll eat it.

Good? This kitchen.

We finished.

Dinner had been good.

Not too much.

but tasty.

and we will know the price, we paid a little more.

So that's how Jules? 105 thousand.

105 About 8 dollars.

Thanks for watching us and having coffee with charcoal in it.

And eat shrimp.

We wish you a wonderful day and Keep Smiling :).

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