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– [Voiceover] Birmingham is nowknown as a new "foodie city".

And moms just don't have timeto cook.

So, if you're looking for somelocal down-home southern cuisine, then pull up a chair for Dining Out with Comedienne Joy.

That's right, DiningOut with Comedienne Joy takes us to some of the bestplaces to eat in Birmingham and itssurrounding cities.

So whether you're on 20 59 Eastor West, or 65 North or South of 459, or somewhere in between, Dining Out with Comedienne Joy is about to tempt your tummy and make those taste buds water.

So if you like your meat three and a brick and morter or in a gas station, Dining Out with Comedienne Joy takes you to some ofthe best spots in town.

– That's okay.

When you start rolling, it's gonna be just fine, yousee? You will.

– So if you don't haveany plans next weekend, you need to head down toHelena, Alabama to Papa Saia's.

The crawfish boil isgoing down next weekend and I'm telling you, if youlove shrimp, gumbo, plus this crawfish, you need to make your way downhere 'cause some of the foodwill sell out soon.

Nearly 200 pounds ofcrawfish will be cooked for Papa Saia's April 23rdcrawfish boil.

So what goes into making somedelicious seasoned to perfection crawfish? – [Woman] We use Zatarain'sextra spicy powder and then Zatarain's liquid crabboil.

– [Joy] Not only willsome fresh gulf crawfish be soaked in this pots, but also some potatoes and somecorn that will also be served along at the crawfish boil.

– There are two hotpotsthroughout the day.

So these stay constantly heated and we'll boil the crawfish.

They don't need to boil long, but to catch all the seasoning and absorb it all, we pull them off the heatand into the soaking pan.

– [Joy] April 23rd's crawfishfestival is the second of three crawfishfestivals that Papa Saia's plan to have.

But before these little crawfish can go in the hotpot, the have to be purged.

– [Man] Salt water in this one, it helps purge them and cleanthem out, before you cook them.

And then, also, we pull thedead ones out like that one there.

– [Joy] So purging mean getting the dead from the alive? – [Man] Yep.

Cleaning out their system too.

– [Joy] Cleaning out theirsystem? – Yeah.

– [Joy] So, you mean like, uh with shrimp you get thevein out, with these– – Yep, that's exactly right.

– [Joy] And after the crawfishwere ready, customers pack into Papa Saia's just to get a taste of thecajun crawfish, potatoes and corn.

– Fantastic, we're going onpound.

seven, I think, now? – I think so.

– So, it's fantastic.

– So good! – [Joy] And this gentleman toldme that recording him is a bigdeal.

And after watching this, I seewhy.

Oh, good catch! – Uh, this'll be my sixth onenow.

I got another one on the way.

– Well today is the firsttime I have tried crawfish and they were fabulous.

I would suggest everyone comedown and check out Helena, PapaSaia's.

And check out theirbartenders; their amazing.

And these little guysare really really good.

– [Joy] And just in case youdon't know how to eat crawfish,here's a quick lesson.

– He'll show you how to eat one.

– [Man in Black] Pop it.

Pull this.

Pinch and pull.

– [Joy] So we got aprofessional, that's what I'm saying.

(man chuckles) So how long do you been aprofessional crawfish eater, sir? – Since the day I was born.

– [Joy] And if crawfish isn'tyour thing, I'll show you what elseyou can expect to eat at the crawfish festival atPapa Saia's coming up on April 23rd.

(live music playing) – [Female Voiceover] For over30 years, George Ceras and the fish market have been serving the finest, freshest seafood in the south.

Always cooked to order, George is bringing youfresh family favorites seven days a week.

– Now, we open on Sunday.

Come get the best scampi inBirmingham, And I'ma show you how.

I'ma taste the first, myself.

Oh, my god, delicious.

– [Female Voiceover] The fishmarket on Birmingham south site isopen on Sunday from 10:45 to four PM.

– [Chef] Come join us at thefish market.

– [Male Voiceover] The JoeLockett Show is the hottest radio talk show on Saturday evenings.

With Melva Tate, Comedienne Joy, Uncle Boz, Andre J.

Thomas, and the king of infotainment,Joe Lockett.

America, you don't wanna missthis.

"Lockett" in four toseven, Saturday evenings WYDE 101.


– [Female caller] And Joe I just appreciate your show.

I appreciate you bringing upthese hard to discuss issues.

– [Male Voiceover]"Lockett" in four to seven.

Saturday evenings, WYDE 101.


(bright synth music) – We actually had new customersto come in that had watched theshow.

And we actually had a couplethat came and had drove for two hours, just to try the Big DaddyBurger.

And they said that our food wasgreat and that they would definitelybe back.

(pumping dance music) And I never would havethought in a million years that we would ever get todo something like that.

So that has been a tremendousblessing, and I can't thank her enough.

(electronic music) I would say definitely do that.

It's worth the phone call.

So, if you haven't made thephone call, you definitely need tomake that phone call.

Call her and tell her that is something you'rewanting to do.

It is worth it.

– Hi, we're Steward Success 886 and we love watching Dining Out with Comedienne Joy.

(cheering) – [Joy] Before the break, I showed you the crawdaddiesthat will be served next week at Papa Saia'scrawfish broil.

Now, if mud bugs creep you out, then they also have someother seafood options that may tempt your tummy.

How about these oysters on thehalf shell? Now, if you don't like them raw, you can also get them cooked.

– [Woman] These are theRockefeller oysters.

They're stuffed with spinach,feta cheese, bacon, heavy cream and they'rebaked.

And then twice baked a parmesan-romano blend on top.

Put the topping on top of theoyster.

We run them through the pizzaoven.

Then we bring them out, we put the parmesan-romanoblend on them and bake them again.

– [Joy] There's even steamedshrimp and many customers drive a longway to get some of these good eats.

– [Woman] This is the boiledshrimp with the cajun garlic buttersauce, served with toast to dip it in.

– We come here all the time when the US band plays.

And we've tried lots of theirfood and it's all good.

– [Joy] And where are you from? – Bibb county.

– [Joy] Now, one entre that maygo fast is the gumbo.

Now this large pot was the lastone and it wasn't even two o'clock, at the last crawfish festival.

You can get it by the cup or bythe bowl.

So we're back here inthe chaos and the fun at Papa Saia's kitchenat the crawfish boil.

The parking lot is full.

People are ordering the food.

We just had some gumbo, y'all.

Look at this right here.

I couldn't get the owner of thebuilding to taste it with me, but I definitely wouldn'tturn down an opportunity to taste her amazing gumbo.

Listen, she did this right here, and let me tell you, it got a little bit of kick inhere.

She told me, "you haveto try it for yourself.

" If you like it spicy, PapaSaia's, right here in Helena, this is it right here y'all.

Look, I think my hair gonnastick up just a little bit.

It is very flavorful, but this stuff is alittle spicy right here.

Look, if your husband get onyour nerves, ladies, bring him down to PapaSaia's.

Give him some of this gumbo.

He gonna shut up, 'causethis stuff is spicy.

There will be plenty ofbrews as well as crawfish next weekend at Papa Saia'scrawfish boil.

That's April 23rd.

So you want to get their early so they don't sell out.

(guitars strumming) (live country singing) – [Male Voiceover] Jake's SoulFood Cafe is now open in Hoover.

Jake's Soul Food Cafe servesthe best homemade, delicious soul foodfavorites.

Like pork chops and gravy,green beans, fish and shrimp, mac andcheese, collard greens, ox tails and rice, and so muchmore.

Come and unwind at the bar, at Jake's Soul Food Cafe, afterwork.

Let Jake's Soul Food Cafe serveyou lunch, dinner, or cater yournext meal.

Jake's Soul Food Cafe islocated on highway 150, in the galleries at Riverchase.

Behind the Mercedes dealership.

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Classy Boutique sells only thebest in high fashion women and men'sjewelry, accessories, and women'sclothes.

Classy Boutique.

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Located in ForestdaleSquare, off highway 78.

Call them at 205-335-5176.

That's 335-5176.

Or visit them online attheclassyboutique.

Com – I love watching DiningOut with Comedienne Joy.

(conga music) – The next time your havingsome craving for some cinnamon rolls, there's only one place to go, and that's at Homewood,at the Homewood Diner.

It use to be a 1960's garage, but now it's turnedinto a famed restaurant where you can get these babies for lunch or dinner.

Most people enjoy comingto the Homewood Diner for the cooked-to-orderbreakfast.

– The macaroni and cheese isreal good.

It's a vegetable here, incase they don't know that.

The breakfast is also reallyreally good.

We've never had a bad meal.

That's why we come here.

– [Joy] So, is your favoritething breakfast or dinner? – I can't differentiate,they're both real good.

– Well, I get an eggover-medium, grits, biscuit.

I put honey on my biscuit, then I put the egg on mybiscuit, and coffee.

– Friday morning sometimespancakes, sometimes eggs, sometimesomelettes.

They have all kind ofgood stuff for breakfast.

– [Joy] Speaking of pancakes, boy, does the Homewood Diner know how to make a pancake.

Now, this is the actual size ofthem.

Now, I think this mighteven be too big for me.

– See, that's a real pancakethere.

That's a real pancake.

– [Joy] I am scared of that.

Um, sir, you don't look likeyou can eat all of that.

– I'll put it all away.

– [Joy] I had to askthe owner, Kevin Lather, why are they so small? – People would talk abouthow little they were, so they would tell othercustomers how little they were.

I'm just kidding, you knowthey're big.

They're bigger than the plateusually.

I just like to see how peopleeat them.

– [Joy] Now, I personally like coming to the Homewood Diner, for these crunchy andsugary cinnamon rolls.

– At night, when you order, you get a cinnamon roll.

That's the hook.

That's our hook to hook you.

You get it before your meal.

– Now, Kevin made all of these delicious cinnamon rolls, and I'm gonna keep this one forme.

Uh oh, I think I've been busted.

– [Kevin] What you wannado with the cinnamon roll is take them home.

They got about seven days onthem.

Heat them up in the microwave, about 12 seconds individually.

Put them on a scoop of vanillaice cream.

Chop it up.

And then have cinnamon roll, chunky, creamy ice cream.

The heat, the texture, thesmoothness, the coolness all together.

Not even Ben and Jerry's makesthat.

– [Joy] The cinnamonrolls are made with flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, yeast, and of course butter.

Now, after it's mixedwell, Kevin uses his hands to get it all crumbed into afine texture.

Then he makes a fill, where he can then drizzle inthe butter.

Roll out the dough, just likemama use to.

Shape it, length-wise.

And then cut it into theserolls.

It's then cut intothese large chunk sizes.

Then, he put it inside themuffin pan and off to the oven it goes.

And after about 20 minutes these cinnamon rolls are hotout the oven and about to be into my mouth.

Mmm! Amazing! – [Kevin] Breakfast omelettes, because our grills are soseasoned that when you get an omelette and the grilled vegetablesand stuff on it, don't put anything on, you cantaste it.

I mean, you can taste it.

That's the differenceright there, I guess.

Seasoned grill, you know theomelettes.

It's something I eat,personally.

But, we can do peoplethat don't want yolks.

We can do egg whites.

We can do just about anythingyou want.

But it is cracked eggs forbreakfast.

– Now, when you come down hereto the Homewood Diner to getyou some cinnamon rolls, ask my girl Sherry to hookme up with some of these.

She know I'm greedy, tell her, "give me aboutfour of five of them.

" She'll hook you up.


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of theday.

And when I'm in Homewood, there's no place to gobut the Homewood Diner.

Mm-mm-mm! I am about to go in, you hearme? I got my grits, my bacon, andmy eggs.

Plus these delicious, hot outthe oven, freshly made cinnamon rolls? Honey, hush.

It ain't too much morethat I'm gonna do today after this good breakfastfrom Homewood Diner.


I know some of y'all are saying, "Joy are you gonna eat allof them cinnamon rolls?" Mmhmm, 'cause these things aregood! In fact, I'm hoping when youget through watching this that you will come to theHomewood Diner and get some, and get some morefor me.

These are all of that.

(interlude music) – [Voiceover] Jake's SoulFood Cafe is now open in Hoover.

Jake's Soul Food Cafe servesthe best homemade, delicious soul foodfavorites.

Like pork chops and gravy,green beans, fish and shrimp, mac andcheese, collard greens, ox tails and rice, and so muchmore.

Come and unwind at the bar, at Jake's Soul Food Cafe, afterwork.

Let Jake's Soul Food Cafe serveyou lunch, dinner, or cater yournext meal.

Jake's Soul Food Cafe islocated on highway 150, in the galleries at Riverchase.

Behind the Mercedes dealership.

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Com that'swww.


Com Get it, because it's on salenow.

– You saw Dining Out withComedienne Joy, tell me what you thought aboutit.

– I thought it was excellent.

You're introduction was goodand the food was, as you said on theshow, lip-smacking good.

It makes me wanna go to thatrestaurant, it was in Sylacauga, I don't remember the name of it.

– Smacker's Diner.

– Smacker's Diner, it was thegumbo and– (conga music) – When you want some amazing, down home cooked soul food, I'm talking about pig feet andchitlins, there's only one place togo y'all in Tuscaloosa, and that's Thomas Rib Shack,y'all.

I'm telling you these chitlinsare fire.


You know I gotta get my hotsauce.

Only here, at Thomas Rib Shack.

It's just 10:30 in the morning, and people are already lined up to get some of the delicioussoul food at Thomas Rib Shack inTuscaloosa.

Now, I'm talking about myfavorite, fried chicken, chicken and gravy, collardgreens, macaroni and cheese, candiedyam, a variety of other vegetables,ox tails, and pig feet.

That's right, pig feet.

These are not your ordinarysized feet.

– [Michelle] Another oneof Thomas Rib Shack's delicacies; pig's feet.

– [Joy] You said pig feet? – Pig feet, yes ma'am.

– [Joy] Now, do you putbarbecue sauce on they pig feet, do you servethem just like that? – Just like that.

Now, sometimes people ask forbarbecue sauce on them, but for the mostpart they put hot sauce.

We normally do, like, a case aday.

A case of pig feet a day.

And they get gone.

They sell out.

After one foot, youwon't eat nothing else.

'Cause that's a bigfoot, that's a size ten.

– [Joy] A size ten? – In women.

– [Joy] A women ten? So do theyget– How many feet do they get? – One like that.

– [Joy] One foot? – Oh yeah, yeah.

Now we've had some that waspretty long.

We're a healthy soul food placethough.

We have a little something else so everybody can eat it.

– [Joy] So, is there somethinghealthy about eating pig feet? – Yes ma'am.

The way we cook them, yeah.

– [Joy] But another topseller that customers love from Thomas Rib Shack is.

– Believe it or not, forthe first time in my life, the last time I triedox tails, it's fabulous.

It's the tenderest meat you'llever eat.

– Came to Thomas Rib Shack, on the west side of Tuscaloosa, to get ox tails for my father.

And they are delicious, youguys.

Okay, I wanna eat one of his oxtails, but they so good, he'llknow they're missing.

I think I'll try one anyway.


– Alright Joysters, you've been drooling over my oxtails.

– Yes, bam Michelle.

– Pop out.

Caution, it's hot.

– It don't matter, it looks sogood.

I just wanna fall over thewhole plate.

– It's hot.

– Lord, it is hot, butthis so good right here.

This here is salted toperfection.

I'm gonna need some wipes and some of that gravy.

Listen, y'all know how it lovethis sauce.

What you gonna do withall that gravy Michelle? – Use it on the ox tail.

– Yo, can I just get a look upwith this? These ox tails at Thomas RibShack y'all, this is the bomb.

I don't know if you gotdepression.

I took my pill, I'm ready.

'Cause I'm goona get into that, and some of them chitlins.

– That's right.

– This is the stuff right here,y'all.

Now, oxtails ain't theonly thing that good at Thomas Rib Shack.

Look at this golden friedchicken and, boy, is it delicious? I thought I went to heaven whenI saw it.

And also, we gonna talkabout some of the chitlins.

So we're going to take a break, and you can go aheadand grab your hot sauce.

More to come on DiningOut with Comedienne Joy.

– [Female Voiceover] For over30 years, George Sirrus and the fishmarket have been serving the finest, freshest seafood in the south.

Always cooked to order, George is bringing youfresh family favorites seven days a week.

– Now, we open on Sunday.

Come get the best scampi inBirmingham, And I'ma show you how.

I'ma taste the first, myself.

Oh, my god, delicious.

– [Female Voiceover] The fishmarket on Birmingham south site isopen on Sunday from 10:45 to four PM.

– [Chef] Come join us at thefish market.

– We love Dining Out withComedienne Joy! (cheering and clapping) (conga music) – [Joy] Before the break, wetook you to Thomas Rib Shack inTuscaloosa on the west side.

And showed you their authenticsoul food including pig feet and ox-tails.

They also have some otherauthentic meals on their steam-bar that'sserved everyday.

– [Michelle] We haveokra, gold okra, cabbage rice, collards, dressing, peach cobbler, macaroni andcheese, lima beans, or butter beans, black-eyed peas and candiedyams.

Plus, they also havesome smothered chicken in gravy, hamburger steak andgravy, and this baked chicken.

And it is truly made with lotsof love.

– I guess you can callthis my baked chicken rub? – [Joy] You mean that literally.

– Yes.

– [Joy] But this was oneof my favorite things at Thomas Rib Shack, itwas the fried chicken.

I couldn't wait for itto come out the grease.

Now, this is who I wantto suck up to y'all.

She, over here, shemade this award-winning fried chicken and y'allknow Comedienne Joy loves her chicken.

This is my second favoriteperson at Thomas Rib Shack.

And 15 minutes later, I no longer had to do my happydance because I could taste thechicken.

Alright, y'all knowI've been sucking up to my girl Riri for some friedchicken.

Is the chicken ready? – It's ready.

– Girl, look at this piece ofgolden brown chicken, right here.

Y'all know my heart is happy.

Y'all know I got a chickenaddiction.

Pray for Joy.

Y'all better pray for realif this chicken all that.

I can't even open myeyes, it's so good yall.

I love you girl.

Yo, this chicken righthere at Thomas Rib Shack y'all, it is all it is.

Lisa Lustcran, you'remy chicken-eating girl.

Baby, you wish you hadsome of this right here.

Lord have mercy.

Maria, I love you.

Woo! – The fried chicken isdelicious.

I come in here every Sunday,after church.

I mix it up sometimes,but I love fried chicken.

Maria's chicken, y'all, thischicken is so good, y'all.

It don't even make sense fornobody to be cooking chicken like this.

Lord have mercy.

Somebody please callchicken anonymous, y'all.

I done went to heaven.

All I wanna do when I die, is be buried with someof this fried chicken from Thomas Rib Shack, y'all.

This stuff is so good.

But another favorite thatcustomers come to Thomas Rib Shack foris.

– Chitlins.

– The chitlins.

– I got a chitlin plate.

They have some nicechitlins with some nice greens and cornbread.

– [Joy] That's right,chitlins, or chitterlings depending on what part ofthe country you're from.

Now, they are pigintestines, and many people are cautious when itcomes to eating chitlins because it must be cleanedthoroughly and, often times, has astrong un-pleasant smell.

But it is a staple whenit comes to soul food in the African Americancommunity.

So, how do you get the chitlinsto cook and don't smell? 'Cause that's a problemsome people talk about.

– Cleaning them good.

Cleaning them thoroughly.

– [Joy] Let me ask you, youhave a number of people that say, "you gottabe careful "when you're eating chitlins "'cause people don't cleanthem.

" That's not the case here.

– No, ma'am.

No, ma'am.

We have an experienced chitlincleaner.

What I mean by "experienced", she's about 70 plus years old.

And she is the matriarchof Thomas Rib Shack.

Betty Thomas is my mother.

– Now you say this is healthy? – This is healthy, yes.

We have healthy pig feet.

All you want in the state ofAlabama that makes healthy pig feet.

– I didn't have pig feet in awhile.

My mom use to make me addbarbecue sauce on it.

– We have barbecue sauce.

It's not on that right now.

– Now I have been wanting to do a little segment righthere on some chitlins.

Some people say, "youcan't eat everybody's "chitlins, Joy.

"Don't eat them because theyain't clean.

" But look, your mama come in here and clean these chitlins? – Yes, she does.

– Ay, I saw a picture of hercleaning it.

I saw it, they were choppingthem apart.

I'm going in.

Michelle, these chitlinsare bomb, you hear me? – Yes, ma'am, thank you.

– Yes, ma'am.

So, I'm about to go in.

I got some peas, I got someokra, I got my cornbread, 'cause youknow what? I gotta get my sop on, y'all.

– And I have gold okra,cabbage, rice, gravy.

– So, if you're looking for some delicious, amazing soulfood? There's only one place to go,y'all.

It's Thomas Rib Shack, overhere.

– On the west side ofTuscaloosa.

– You heard her.

And by the way, Thomas Rib Shack actually does have ribs.

Ay, can I have some of that? – Yes, ma'am.

– Okay, I'm fine– – Or, better yet, you canget some from up there.

– See, that's why this my girlright here.

And every time I'm inTuscaloosa, I'm coming right herefor some good soul food.

They even have some good lunchspecials.

So if the food makes you go tomy blog, that'sdiningoutwithcomediennejoy.

Com and you can learn moreabout Thomas Rib Shack.

In fact, when you get throughwatching this segment, come on down and tell them Isent you.

(interlude music) – My name is Colt Reese, and I own a little bit of R&RBarbecue.

The experience was wonderful.

We had just immediate results from the segment airing.

People saw it and they instantly wanted to come and eat our food.

Talk Alabama segment, it was alot of fun.

We'll see what happens with it, but it was good to showcaseour barbecue there.

And not only was it fun toshoot with Comedienne Joy, but I love watching her show Dining Out with Comedienne Joy.

– Well, that's gonna do itfor this weeks edition of Dining Out with Comedienne Joy.

And as always, if youneed more information about the restaurantsthat you've seen featured on today's program? Simply go to my blog, that'sDiningOutWithComedienneJoy.



Com Now, if you'd like to befeatured, it doesn't matter if yourrestaurant is big or small.

I would love to feature you onmy program.

Simply give me a call.

That number is 205-482-6999.

205-482-6999, or you canwrite me on the blog as well.

And remember, the places that Itake you the food is so good, it'llmake you wanna lay down.

(jazzy music) – Hi, we love watching Dining Out with Comedienne Joy.

That's right baby, woo! Comedienne Joy is the best.

The queen of clean.


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