Delicious vegetable salad recipe . Салат с омлетом. Рецепт салата. Вкусный рецепт.

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Salad with omelette Hello! You are on the cooking channel! Now I'll make a delicious vegetable salad with omelet I cook an omelet breakin 4 eggs eggs to add a little warm milk I add a little salt and black pepper mix I now cook an omelet in a pan fry on both sides I omelette cut into small pieces I sliced ​​cabbage I add a little salt add grated carrot skip the garlic through a press and add to salad add sliced ​​omelette add mayonnaise add a little sour cream mix add salt and pepper (to taste) put the salad in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes Bon Appetit! Put Like and subscribe to our channel!.

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