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Hey everybody this is Randy Santel "Atlas" with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.

Com! Very very excited tonight because I'm going for my first win in the state of Nevada and overall win number 374! I'm in Las Vegas at Born and Raised I'm taking on their Bar Gamble challenge! Now as you see we've got 15 of their sliders each one is different and basically just eating everything it looks so freaking good and then I've got a side a large side of their anchor fries which have I think either blue cheese or ranch on there and then there's some buffalo sauce so there's buffalo sauce around good i've got one hour to finish if I fail it's going to be about 75 bucks if I win I'm going to get the meal free i'll get a sweet t-shirt and most importantly it'll be my first one in the state of Nevada so let's get it started! alright I've got multiple friends of is over 60 people tried only six people have been able to finish the records a little bit over 17 minutes we're going to try to beat that I think we're going to eat these first prize so they don't get cold and then we'll get going.

1, 2, 3.

Boom! four minutes and 20 seconds and those fries were awesome so much buffalo sauce from the cheese and everything straight really good anchor fries but let's get these sliders! 13 minutes 45 seconds in I've got the first eight down with the anchor fries got plenty of time left at seven to go and then correction the time records 22 minutes and 46 seconds let's try to beat that! 24 minutes and one second 29 minutes and 33 seconds not the official record but there was a lot of children but they were so so good The fries we're probably my favorite part because in our buffalo sauce but then I finished with the buffalo chicken sliders to which was excellent but my favorite slider was the chicken parmesan 29 minutes and 33 seconds i got the $75 meal for free I'll get a sweet t-shirt and I'll be the seventh person up on the wall of Fame my first challenge win in Las Vegas my first challenge win state number 37 Nevada and then overall win number 374! so Thank you to Born and Raised here in Las Vegas for their Bar Gamble Challenge and thank you guys for watching!.

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