Delicious North Indian, Punjabi food in a Singapore Coffeeshop #19

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Today we're in little India at the back ofMustafa and we're gonna have some Punjabi food.

Let's feast.

One plain naan.

One garlic naan.

One butter chickenOne keema Chicken tikka Having here? Having here.

Today we're gonna have keema, butter chicken,chicken tikka and naan.

Usually you get Punjabi food or North Indianfood at restaurants but this is one of the rare places, you can get at a coffeeshop andthat's why we're here.

It's really humid and hot so i'm gonna havemy beer first and that is gonna make my food taste better.

Especially spicy food.

That was refreshing.

Now time for some spicy food to make it muchbetter.

I'm gonna break this apart.

It's abit hard but it's soft on the inside.

Or this one or this one? ah i'll go with this one.

It's really really thick.

Look at it.

Oh my god.

It's so good.

You can see, it's filled with that mincedmutton and there's green peas.

It's really flavourful and there's tons ofspices in there.

Although the plate is really small, there'salot of gravy in here that you will not imagine until you actually eat it.

I'm not sure if that was the "first bite"shock but i'm gonna take another bite just to make sure, it's that good.

It's so good.

When you're eating the keema, the minced meatand the green peas just melts into your mouth.

It just melts like part of the gravy.

I mean you taste the mutton and you tasteabit of that sweetness from the green peas but it just melts right into the gravy.

That spicy creamy gravy.

I'm gonna tear another piece of bread andi'm gonna try the butter chicken and it looks really really creamy.

I'm gonna grab one of the chicken pieces aswell.

Oh god.

You can see that the butter chicken is muchthicker than the keema and it really sticks to the bread.

There's spicy, sweet and the chicken is reallytender.

It's good food.

The saltiness, creaminess, the little hintof spice and the sweetness, kind of enhances the chicken taste because it's really reallytender.

It's really tender.

I'm gonna take some of the butter chickenand grab that with the chicken and then i'm gonna mix it with the keema and the mincedmutton.

Chicken and mutton, let's see how it tasteslike.

It's so much of sauce.

It's so good.

I can'tI can describe to you what the keema tastes like, i can describe to you what the butterchicken taste like but i can't describe to you what it tastes like together.

You have to try this, in order to experiencethe full extent of that flavour explosion that happens in your mouth.

You got to try this.

So the keema was amazing, the butter chickenwas amazing so we have the last one, which is chicken tikka and this looks really wellcooked.

I can't wait to try this.

So you can see, there's four pieces of chickentikka here and i'm gonna go right to the charred, cos i just love those darkened bits.

The flavour of the chicken and the saltinesshits you first and as you chew, you feel that spiciness tingling on your tongue.

It's so good.

Good for beer.

It's really good for beer.

That was one of the most delicious thingswe've eaten.

We finished everything that was on that plate.

This place is not very famous with the localsbut it's more popular with the foreign workers who come from India to work here.

So that kinda vouches for the authenticityof that food, that's being sold there.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

I hope to see you on the next one.

So till then, Good Vibrations from Food Vibrations.

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