Delicious casserole of potatoes. Картофельная запеканка. Простой рецепт. Домашнее приготовление.

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Potato casserole Hello! You are on the cooking channel! Now I'll make a delicious casserole Raw potatoes need to peel and grate We need to chop parsley I mix the parsley and grated potatoes I break 1 egg mix add chopped garlic add mayonnaise mix I add to the grated potatoes mix add salt and black pepper mix cheese I rubbed on a grater added 1 egg I posted potato mixture into the mold, greased with vegetable oil and added the cheese mixture on top Bake in the oven at t 180 degrees for about 40 minutes ingredients, see the description below the video Bon Appetit! Put Like and subscribe to the channel.

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