Daily Jewel – Sunday Soulfood

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Good morning this is Pas Simpson aka the happinessengineer and today's jewel is Sunday's Soulfood.

Yeah I said it Sunday's Soulfood.

You ARE the greatest you in the world no matterhow hard anyone tries, no matter how many times they may try to imitate, no matter howmany plans they may steal, they can never be better than being you than you.

Focus on yourself.

One of the things I've heard is "All I wantin life is to give my all in life".

Give your all, be all you can be.

Don't worry about anyone else.

You can be the greatest you if you try it.

There is no competition for you.

There are just people who want to work withyou.

There gonna be people who may not like youbut my personal manifesto comes in for them "I love me.

I am worthy.

Some people may not like me but I don't care,cause the people that matter will be glad that I am here.

" People that matter will be glad for you, theywill help you.

They will push you.

But you have to make a decision that you arethe greatest you in the world, because there is no competition for you.

What is meant for you is yours.

You can help others, you can serve others,you can go and put yourself in a place where others can be attracted to you, because youare gorgious.

You are born to shine.

You are a star.

Do not let anyone sway you from that thought.

You may have stumbled, you may have failed,you may have fallen on your face many a times but that does not limit your greatness.

Those are just days that knock some of, knockedoff some of our edges.

No, no-one can stop you but you! No-one can slow down your dreams but you.

No-one can make sure you are the greatestyou in the world but you! So stop! Smile! And revell in your greatness and do somethingabout it.

If there is any way that I can help you, pleasefeel free to reach out to me on social media, Facebook, Google, Twitter, you name it I amthere and I'll be more than happy to help.

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But one way we can understand that we arethe greatest in the world.

one way that we can look at someone to seegreatness within them, one way we can smile big and enjoy is to stop and to scream "ILOVE MY LIFE" and I hope you love yours.


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