Creamy, Raw, Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

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Hi, I'm Gigi Cohen author of Nourishing Friends, today I'm going to create a wonderful vegan mayonnaise.

We're going to use 1 cup of coconut oil be sure to useorganic everything goes into your food processornext we're going to add one cup of coconut milk.

Of course, I'mnot measuring but you definitely have to next we're going to add a half a cup of rawcashews be sure to use organic you're getting the best results before we start blending in we're goingto add a little bit of spice the most important spice is somebeautiful organic turmeric just a quarter teaspoon and a quarterteaspoon of sea salt We're going to put all our ingredients in a foodprocessor we now need to make it very smooth so we're going to blend it for afew minutes It's going to make a little noise.

We're going to stop it for a second.

Here's the trick I'm going to put a quarter cup of olive oil anda quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and togetherwe're going to mix it very slowly and, before you know it, vegan mayonnaise and this is the consistency you'relooking for.

Look how nice that is smooth, looks like the real thing no onewill know the difference Mmm, delicious.