CRAZY FOOD STORY! Son In Law Eggs – How to cook authentic Thai food recipes

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Hi guys – sawasdee ka.

i’m Pav kennedy andthis is Almostauthenticthai.


Simplifying authentic thai cooking, withoutsacrificing the deliciousness.

So Today we’re gonna make son-in-law eggsor in thais called kai loog koey, also has another meaning in thai as Son-In-Law Testical.

No joke guys! So Kai means Egg (also has another hiddenmeaning as men’s testicles).

Look Koey is Son-in-law.

So basically, son-in-law’s testicle.

Anyway, did you know that Rumor has it thatthe story behind the son-in-law eggs was from a visit between a son-in-law and his mother-in-law.

So, the mother-in-law prepared this dish particularlyfor her son-in-law to make sure that he umm.

He would be well behave and not do anythingthat would hurt her daughter.

It’s kinda like a sign of warning.

So, otherwise, his testicles (or Kai in Thai,which means either that or regular edible egg) would be fried and cut half, just likethe son-in-law egg! What a story! 🙂 Nevertheless, it’s actually one of mymost favorite recipes and definitely worth a try! Anyways, lets get started! Here are our Ingredients for 2 servingsThese are the must Have: (basic ingredients) we’re gonna boil them firstSo let’s boil the eggs first.

Usually takes about 5 minutes for it to boil.

Then we’re gonna knock the egg all overso it can be peeled easily.

See, the shell just comes right off.

Clean the egg in running water.

Eating the egg shell bits is no fun.

Then we’re gonna chop the garlic, followingby the shallot (or you can use yellow onion too if you want but its not gonna be as crispywhen we fry it).

Then lets do the garnish.

Chop red pepper and then chop cilantro.

Now lets mix the sauce.

First we need about a quarter cup of water.

Then add a tablespoon of all purpose flourto it.

Add palm sugar or pretty much any sugar.

Add fish sauce.

Add Tamerind concentrate And stir them togetheruntil evenly.

Now turn the stove to medium heat.

Pour the oil in.

Lets fry garlic and shallot until golden.

About 1 to 2 minutes.

Then transfer them in a paper lined plate.

Now lets fry the egg.

Fry about 2 minutes for each side of the egguntil golden.

Then transfer them in a paper lined plateto drain some of the oil out.

Now its time for our sauce.

Cook the sauce.

Bring into high heat until simmer.

Then lift from the stove.

Now lets cut the egg in half.

Put some sauce in.

Springle our fried garlic and shallot.

Garnish with cilantro.

Then add red pepper.

Doesnt the color look amazing.

Isnt this the best almost authentic son inlaw egg you’ve ever ssen? And the best part is, it’s quick and easyto make.

Dont just take my word for it.

You should give it a try at home.

And if you like this please give me a thumbsup.

Sweet and sour, savory.

Perfect combination.

I’m in Thai food heaven.

I’m Pav Kennedy and this is almost authenticthai.


Until next time.


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