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for shopping normal hair do we're on our way now to these caves sowe're kind of wearing like hiking attire and tennis shoes we gotta hide – 45 minutes to get to thecave it's called the I'm not going in there they're inside my course there it'scalled the the window caves so we're driving it's about an hour and20 minutes for more where at the way there we saw this premiumoutlets which they have in Texas so we thought would stop and see what theyhave because we have some time until we have to get there so here we are shopping beautiful day itis hot as hell and it is windy that's why the hair looks has beenflying around everywhere but check out this plate is so cute in the middle ofthe jungle but i always say we're in the middle ofthe damn jungle we should be on our way here soon andthen i will show you guys really cool capesI've never been but I hear they're really cool universal hair i'm going to attempt tobrush it again it's just breaking pitches i have explained the situation to youguys way so yesterday was family day all day so Idid not blog too much I've like just a little bit but not too much because iwanted to completely take in the moment and spend time with my aunt whosebirthday it was she was 69 or she turned 69 years old yesterday so I wanted tocelebrate her and my family to spend time with them so I i only want a littlebit yesterday that's all we did we do anything else and then today is anotheradventure date yeah yeah yeah crying yeah yeah ok Jesus Stevie he's ready to go he's ready to go getthe store started we're going to me it gets cooler inside the cavedefinitely need tennis shoes are liking being because it is slippery there's bad to where this cute he warned us if we hear things fallingfrom the ceiling with either a walk oribella yeah yeah this from here you can see the starting withtheir the opening that's what's of the theater can grow upto 500 feet that's what you see left all over thecave and also thank you guys are heading out you can see the very opposed to hearthose started to call on so you have something here right and when yeah yeah ok yeah stay away from the edge not that there's no label all want tosee you then use the model itself something on the wall or something cricket the best part was that beautiful yeah a sec look at you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah there okay we're out of the cave that was afreaking work out come prepared bring some water bringsand tennis shoes because that was a hike senior citizens should not come to thisunless you like and marathon shape we're going to get stuck in a damn cavethe rocks are slippery but it was a beautiful view totally worth it you should comeexperience it leads once it was really cool and i can take off the helmet forthe rest of the day I'm gonna take it with me because I have held my head nowI need no help with my hair now I'm gonna have this crazy helmethead we're almost out of the jungle here sowe were just driving around and we saw a light house and you had to pull over andover here letely just random we're going in because it looks so fullof my charcoal yes and all of being able to be back at my house and jelly career that's kind of cool we're gonna live inhere now welcome to your new casa yeah and that and so many though you goyou get your new puerto rican wine ok there in this yeah place in there look price you winningforget to hear me but I'm not going in there is too freakin weird cat I just told him when you're done comeout play better shit nap no sir I don't play with wild animals right now we're going climbing this damnHill to go to the White House yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

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