Cooking with Elizabeth Falkner: Mediterranean Amaranth Salad

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I think of myself sometimes as a jazz musician.

And I might have a song or a theme in my mindand I'll just do a riff on it.

I'm going to make an amaranth salad, basicallywith chickpeas, dates, pomegranate, nuts and seeds and some yogurt and a black sesame tahini kind of vinaigrette.

The background of all of this is really Mediterraneanspices.

And I know not everybody's really heard ofamaranth, but it's a great little grain, it has a lotof protein, and it looks a little bit like a little miniaturecouscous.

And we cook just like quinoa.

Now we are going to make a little salad partof this.

So we are going to take some chickpeas, ourradicchio, parsley, some cilantro and then I also have some freshmint.

Put my dates in, my radishes, some lemon juiceon this and some olive oil.

Just toss this all together.

Let's see, we can start putting this thingtogether.

Let's start with our cooked amaranth here.

This is almost like a savory porridge really.

So I'm just going to have a little mound ofthat in the bottom of my bowl.

And then I might just take a little yogurt.

Let's go ahead and put our black sesame.

And then we'll add our salad.

And then I'm also going to put a little pomegranate.

This just ties in with all those sort of Mediterraneanflavors and also, I mean cause look at that.

That is super healthy.

Got tons of vitamins.

I'm going to put walnuts on it.

And a little bit of this sunflower seed andpumpkin seed.

I got this little dukkah mixture too.

This is just another layer of spice and seedsand herbs.

That's it.

Ok ready? Ah man.

And it's like, I feel like I'm on a cruisealready.

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