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I’m going to show you how to cook Thai fragrant rice.

I put the rice in the rice cooker or in a pan.

I wash the rice I take the rice in my hands, then I rub it to remove the starch.

The water becomes cloudy, I throw the water.

I repeat the rice washing a second time.

To measure the water needed to cook the rice, I lay my hand on the surface of the rice under the water.

I don’t push my fingers into the rice.

If the water covers my fingers, the dosageis good.

The water should not reach the back of myhand.

This is the traditional technique of dosing.

But you can also use the doser supplied with the rice cooker.

I press the cooking button on the rice cooker.

If you don’t have a rice cooker, heat thepan over high heat.

You mustn’t stir the rice while cooking.

When the rice begins to boil, I put on lowheat.

When the water is completely absorbed, the rice is cooked, I cut off the fire.

I leave the rice for 30 minutes, it will be better because less wet.

Before serving the rice, I use 2 wet chopsticks to air the rice.

That prevents it from getting lumpy.

The rice is ready.

Thank you for watching and sharing my video.

See you in my next homemade dish video.

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