Come diventare un Italian Gentleman [in 5 semplici steps]

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How to be an Italian Gentlman in 5 easy steps Step 1: Pasta It is the typical Italian dish eaten by ALL italians.

One italian on one would eat pasta at breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner and lunch And since the breakfast is the most important meal of the day be sure to eat a a delicious cup of pasta cereals Step 2: Cars If you want to be the perfect italian gentleman you can't ignore italian sport cars and a gentleman knows how to choose the perfect car for the perfect situation better if the car is red ans super powerful Step 3: coffee also called dirty black water in the other nations it's the most drank beverage from italian and a gentleman know when it's the right time to drink a good cup of coffee Step 4: gestures you can't consider yourself a real italian if you don't use gestures while talking especially during heated discussions but a REAL Italian Gentleman will NEVER talks like a backwoodsman he would solve the problem with a duel every morning in Italy something woke up and it doesn't matter who or what it is and neither if it eats pasta or drinks coffee and neither if it drives a supercar or use gesture while talking and it doesn't matter if we forgot to mention the Pizza we don't do it not on purpose but what really matter is that whatever you do, do it like a gentleman Step 5: we can't forget Parmesan! Italians use parmesan on just about everything well.

we don't put Parmesan on everything.

we don't put Parmesan on fish, for example.

you can't cook spicy mussels and put on it Parmesan.

Nono, absolutely nope.

Pamesan on fish, absolutely NO!.

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