Collecting Mr. Hunan Chinese Food in downtown Tempe, AZ, 960 W University Dr., 25 Apr 15, GP020029

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Valley Metro Light Rail Train passes Bike Lane New Building Old Historic Houses Rio Salado Parkway & Ash Avenue Parking Structure Railroad Tracks Apartment Complex Fifth Street Baby Carriage Stroller Man with Sun Hat crosses on Pedestrian Crosswalk holding Umbrella Airplane flys over Bicyclist drives on wrong side of the road on Pedestrian Crosswalk Idiot continues driving in Bike lane in wrong direction.

Train Track Toy Trailer Toy Hauler Trailer Pedestrian with Yellow outlined Shoes Southwestern styled Home Man walks dog.

White Short Bus Park Slides Green Grass Basketball Hoops and Court Park Benches Taxi 300-3000 Williams Cornish Pasty Bus Stop University Drive & Hardy Road Airplane am pm Gas Station White Dog on Leash VW Van Water Bike Path Available Door Unlocks Man surfs Internet on Mobil Device A & N Denistry Man in Desert Table Tennis Outpost Polo Shirt exits Chevrolet Spark Tree sways with the Breeze Handicap Parking 3 spots over Red Truck drives through Lot then parks.

Man exits truck and walks toward Strip Mall 960 W University Drive, Tempe, Arizona Grey cloudy sky Pedestrian walks down Hardy Road in the distance to the Am/Pm Store Man with long shorts heads to Mr.

Hunan's Chinese Food Restaurant.

and sandals.

and red buttoned shirt.

Handicap sign stands in front of Handicap parking spot.

Pillars support shaded patio store fronts for the strip mall Grey car enters lot.

car parks in space.

car backs up to exit Man in red shirt exits his vehicle wearing white tennis shoes holding his head high.

SUV drives by Man walks while looking at his mobile device.

wearing a red shirt, black shorts and black shoes.

Man with Chinese food returns to 2013 Chevrolet Spark.

Door is locked.

Man unlocks door with automatic wireless button located on his key.

Girl on phone walks down strip mall side walk.

She has a ponytail, white short shorts and a purplish like top.

Door closes.

Driving out of parking lot.

Yellow Fire Hydrant Gas Station Woman with large rear.

and blond hair Pedestrians cross road.

Cornish Pasty mm.

Pedestrians follow sidewalk.

Bus Stop South on Hardy Drive Bicyclists drive down bike path on Hardy Drive.

while one idiot drives on the sidewalk.

Church with crosses and statue Los Pranos Bus Stop Tires buried in the ground as some sort of artsy project Slump Block Houses Friendly Market C-Store Broadway Road & Hardy Drive Intersection Bus Pedestrian on Mobil Phone with backpack Motorcycles go by Guy pushes the button to cross Turning onto Broadway Road going East Valley Metro Bus heads West Subway Sandwich Shop Pizza Hut Burger 49 cent Breakfast 7:00 am 722 Broadway Rd Office Space Bus Stop Kwik Mart Roosevelt & Broadway Intersection Bite Me Subs Taste Thai Chase Bank CCR Plaza Temple Sales Railroad Track School like Building Wells Fargo Covered Parking Lot Yellow house with basketball backboard Bush lined street neatly trimmed College Avenue St Augustine's Episcopal Parish Rural Road & Broadway Intersection Panda Express Safeway Jack in the Box Midas Terrace Road Lesbians on Motorcycles Arizona and US Flags SUV Green Prius Taxi Cab Quik Trip Gas Station QT Sonic.