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What are you doing again in my kitchen? No, I'm not going to cook anything today, But I will soon! Since you're here, let's talk aboutsomething I find kind of interesting overseas and I'm talking about coffee.

if you know, and you don't I'm just telling you, I'm a caffeine junkie I drink coffee since before I canremember I am drinking it And I was quite young.

From that time on, I develop a littlehealthy addiction to coffee, most important to good coffee.

Now, all over the world, every culture makes its own coffee and it makes it amazing! I now talking about the Italian cultureof coffee, so please do not feel offended by this video.

It is not meant to put Italian coffee on top of others It is just because, being Italian, it is what I can talk about Although in my travels around the worldI could definitely appreciate the brews and I really recognize the qualityof coffee worldwide.

As Italian oversees, the big issue is finding a coffee that reminds you home sort of, that kind of comfort coffee.

Let's call it like this, instead of comfort food we can callit comfort coffee and, yeah, that's probably what is missing.

I'm not saying that around the citiesare there are not good coffee shops absolutely, there are amazing coffeeshops in the city and they have a massive production of very good coffee.

What I'm talking about is the coffee at home.

When you wake up in the morning and you do your own breakfast you must have coffee at breakfast very good coffee! Since I moved to Australia I just adapted my own taste as well tothe local and I, sadly, introduced in my house "instant coffee".

I know, I know.

you are hating me now and you're thinking to stop this video, but don't! The best has yet to come! Instant coffee is something that I'm not even sure if it exists in Italy.

I do not remember to having seen it in the store at all but probably some kind of instant coffee exists over there too Because we are getting global, and this is being global is appreciate and accept evendifferences in food and drinks For quick breakfasts, or quick fixes when you really need a big mug of coffee This one does the job.

Yeah, I know.

Now that I'm talking about it, I'm feeling sad, Now you see this that is Moccona brand, but I don't want to do any preference on this kind of products because no one is giving me anything, soI have to mention that there's also the Nescafe brand that they're doing exactly the same.

It's not a very good alternative to real coffee It's something that you get used to and it's something that it doesn't taste bad at all! Then we start become serious.

There are semi-automatic and fully automatic machines to make coffee they are bloody expensive, and I will never buy one because to maintain them in proper use and to avoid that thecoffee will start tasting plastic or tasting bad, you really have to use itevery single day, at least twice a day.

But there's another thing, we are inAustralia and, like all over the world, Nespresso took over, and it's luckily everywhere, So I have my Nespresso machine and that's a very very good alternative.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Come with me! It is a Nespresso U and it's the fully automatic one you can do 60, 80, 110 ml of water So it's still a reasonable Italian quantity of coffee, It's not a mug of coffee You know, you have your own capsules and I have my favorite hear that unfortunately were the limited editions I am using this video also to ask Nespresso to bring back the Milano one Milano is my favourite ever, please bring back Milano! I have this latest special edition as well and Palermo.

Very good coffee, and I can have my small shot of coffee.

But I told you that I'm Italian and we have our own coffee, and we haveour own idea of coffee this one! This one here, my friends, is the italiancoffee machine it's what we call "moca", and it's not the mocha coffee The one coffee, chocolate, and milk it's MOCA and it's a spelt with "C" So, it's spelt M O C A Because in Italian we rarely to use the letter K But, for English speaking, and even for branding here it's spelt with K so it's M O K A Where I grew up we spell it with C This one is the Moka Express by Bialetti I feel confident in telling you the brand, because it's probably one of the best worldwide brand that you can findthis kind of machines.

This is the 2 serving size, so it's a small one it exists in 1 serving size, that is even tinier, and it exists up to 10-12 and I have seen guinness world record machine thatthey are huge because we are crazy For domestic use, the bigger I found around here is a 6 servings so, it's some pretty big machine.

Lately, I found even Italian families, that theystopped using it because the automatic machines just replaced it, and it's fair enough, at some stage but sometimes you want to go back to your tradition, that youwant to remember the smell of coffee when you wake up in the morning you want to remember the sound of this machine The specific sound that this machine does when the coffee's brewing It is a bit of a journey back in memories.

So, now you see this fancy thing and you definitely wonder: yes, how do I use it? it's simple, i'm showing you now.

We have the three components: how this works? You have the water chamber that is the bottom side, the one that will sit on the hob It will contain water.

You have the filter, or powder container, with this fancy shape and you have the brewing chamber where the final results will actually be achieved, and it has the filter on its bottom as well How does it work this fancy coffee machine, it's simple Come with me! As you know, this is my actual kitchen, So, sorry for the mess.

What we have to do is filling the boiling chamber with water cold water is always on favour Up to the safety valve this one here is a safety valve and then you have to just put the powder container there We need good coffee this is a ground single origin from Ethiopia, that I bought in a coffee shop that imports his own coffee in Canberra,so this is quite good quality stuff I like experimenting, I like tryingdifferent things, and I really want you to do the same so this is an Ethiopian coffee and itwill be amazing So what we do, simply we just take ourcoffee powder and we just put it in the container.

Here is the key point: there are different Schools of Thought about this procedure There are people who are actually filling it way on top and pressing it, like this And this is similar to how in the coffee shop they will do If you know how they do it they just ground the coffee in that receiver and thenthe press it in, and then then they chunk into the machine ok, that works well in high-pressure coffee machines, like the one that they're using coffee stores because this thick layer of course is where the water must passthrough to brew the coffee so, the thicker, in this kind of machine the thicker usually the stronger it comes but also the slower, and I noticedthat it tends to burn a little bit if you just press it in this kind of machine I'm just going to poke it a little bit, sothere is a little bit of hair around the coffee I don't know if I'm doing it right, thisis how I do it and this is how I like my coffee.

So, feel free to correct me I'm not here to tell you that this is the way to do it it's just one way And then final touch, we have to close back our brewing chamber on top.

Quite tight.

Just be careful to not burn the handle Coffee's ready and I'm talking about 2 servings, I mean this, not a mug.

That is delicious and it'svery very hot of course Now, What it remains to do is let the moca machine chill and then wash it because you have to dispose of the coffee powderinside and you have to give it a quick rinse.

ProTip: never use any kind of thedetergent in washing the moca because you are going to ruin yourcoffee, and affect the flavor a lot Just rinse it with cold water and let it dry because that will retain the quality of the flavor and also every time you make it it will taste better and better I wanted to mention that there are different millions of way to make coffee I used the French press, Aero press, vertical drip.

At the same time, this is the way to make coffee that takes me home every single time.

It's the aroma, it's the sound, it's the procedure of making it That's how I grow up.

I hope, you are enjoying your coffee right now because i'm going to.

and until next time.

Stay Tuned! Taste good!.

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