Chonburi Thailand Vlog 4: Duck Krapow, Thai Grand Canyon, and Bangsaen Beach

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We're back in chounburi.

First stop is a place that's popular for " kwapow pedt ".

Which is basically, "Kwapow" the thai basil, dish that you know for being spicy.

Delicious and fiery, that's normally served with a kind of like a fried egg.

They doing here with duck, and that's quite hard to find.

So they do all the most popular, kind of "Tom song" or like dishes that are made-to-order.

They do them all here in the walk, and you can have it with duck, they also have shrimp.

They have sausage, will make your pretty, much any way you want it.

So it's a fun place and got some variety, they also have some "Som Tom".

The papaya salad, and coffee, and a couple other things.

So it's a chill, cheap lunch spot, but also have some favourite, things.

So I'm excited, to try it.

Got the crew until we're having, a beach.

Kind of beach, weekend.

Get away we're just trying, to avoid adulting for just a little ,while.

Last time we were in Chonburi.

We were eating, at a pretty stellar "Khao tom place" is also pretty, popular for duck.

I don't know.

what it is about this province.

Where they have duck, everywhere but i'm kind, a loving it.

So we're back, at duck place.

I'm gonna just taste, the "kwapow" i'll tell you what it's like.

Got it with a fried egg.

It's a beautiful, everything looks really, tasty smells great.

Everybody else already, eaten and smacking, around me don't think I can wait any longer.

Overall this is a cool really, chill spot very local.

If you're around you might, want to check it out.

It is a good hearty meal, before running, off to the beach.

So we're gonna see where the lowest, of the day leads, us a beautiful day.

really kind of bright, and cloudy, no rain clouds in the horizon, or anything like that.

We're going to just take advantage, of that get full of the "kwapow" and then head to the beach, or head for some adventures, next.

We're on the ledge, of an area that they, call the Chonburi "Grand Canyon" kind of a funny, name but i guess they were little bit inspired, and it's quite beautiful here.

So it's just a little bit of view here.

you can't do a whole lot.

you can just kind of appreciate, it enjoy cool breeze, there's some drinks nearby.

They got a hammock, set up and it's about 25 Baht park.

So yeah just a little chill spot.

something to check, out today see something different.

Everybody's mood change, for the most part.

So it's cool you see a little bit, like oh that's nice and then you actually walking, around the canyon, a little bit, and you can see better views.

There's some mountains, way in the back there.

So we're going to walk and hike, a little bit and see what it's like.

There's not exactly, a perfect path.

If you have just some regular, shoes on you should be ok.

So I hope in the video, you guys can see how pretty, the water there.

If you look way down to a corner.

you can see a little bit of immoral, green.

some different blues, coming, in pretty nice.

Wish we could, go down, there and swim.

Actually I don't want, to say that around my sister.

I might get a nice, little push me back away, from the edge while we blog.

We'r not doing anything.

Exactly that's the point not doing anything.

Relaxing, its really nice out here, really haven't done much at all.

The drinking just enjoy, each other's company.

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