CHOC Chick Raw CHOC Dipped Dried Fruit Recipe

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Hello happy Thanksgiving, I'm absolutely delighted,I'm so excited, Choc Chick Kits are now in the USA, hip hip hooray.

I am really, really delightedthat our products are now stocked in the States They will be at Whole Foods Market, just intime for Thanksgiving and Christmas, at Whole Foods Market North Atlantic, which is Connecticut,Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts and you'll find them in over 30 stores.

So ourStarter Kit, Chicos Kit and Master Kits are all available now for the US public and inhonour of my wonderful new US customers I want to share with you a wonderful recipefor Thanksgiving, for Christmas, it's really, really easy to make, it's dipped, dried fruitin raw chocolate, super easy.

All we're doing is using the ingredients in Starter Kit oryou can use the same ingredients from the Chicos Kit or Master Kit and I'm going to use half ofthe cacao butter, so it's half the simple raw choc recipe.

I'm going to use 50 gramsof raw cacao butter it's about 1 ounce 75, so nearly 2 ounces of cacao butter, it's justhalf of the ingredients and the usual recipe, melting it in a bain-marie, a bowl over apan of water on a low heat.

We'll leave that to melt.

So the cacao butter has melted andI've turned off the heat, so it doesn't overheat and I'm going to add 3 tablespoons of theraw cacao powder, so it's half the recipe I'm going to make them heaped tablespoonsbecause I want it thicker and easier to dip the dried fruit in and just mix it in likethat, it blends really well with the metal whisk, and then the Sweet Freedom or you canadd any other sweetener that you would prefer that's runny, as long as it's runny.

So I'mdoing 3 lovely tablespoons because we want it a little bit sweet, there we go and nowyou can see it's much thicker.

You can add vanilla if you want or not, but I always liketo add vanilla, I'm a massive fan of vanilla, good vanilla, so I'm just adding a few dropsand that's it.

This is now ready for us to dip our dried fruit in.

We're ready to dipand all we need are a range of dried fruits, so I've just got some apricots, dried mangoand my ultimate favourite it's crystallised ginger.

Now it does have sugar, but it's atreat, we don't have a lot of sugar in the raw chocolate mix so this is an extra littletreat for us.

Just dip the mango pieces in the mix and just pop them on tin foil or parchmentpaper or anything just to leave them to set and it will just take about half an hour toan hour to set, so I'm just going to dip the apricots and I'll leave the crystallised gingeruntil the end because that has got a little bit of sugar, so that's just with the verylast bits we can add the ginger.

Another option is to just mix in walnuts, pecan nuts or arange of seeds and nuts, I've got lovely goji berries and seeds and you can make yourown slab of chocolate with it to hand cut it into pieces or you can just make dippedwalnuts and pecans as well.

So I'll dip a few of these.

So I'm just dipping them halfwayso they're easy to take out, but you can just mix them in.

But it's up to you what you dipand they make incredible gifts or just something to enjoy when you have guests at the end ofa meal.

So here's some I made earlier.

We've got the crystallised ginger, the apricotsand the mango and it's absolutely beautiful and really super easy to make.

There it is,happy Thanksgiving, cheers.

They're so good.