Chinese Street Food Tour in Sichuan, China | Going DEEP for Spicy Street Food in China

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So check it out It’s Trevor James And I am in Chengdu, China Right near my home here at the subway I am waiting for my new guests from Couchsurfing They are staying over for the weekend And we are going to have a full on Sichuan street food experience I’m going to take them everywhere And we’re going to get full And eat a lot of Sichuan food Katherine, nice to meet you David, nice to meet you I’m planning to take you guys for a full on Sichuan food experience And we are going to eat a lot of food Just make yourself at home Thank you Check it out That’s the room for you And there is a bit of a view You can see the mountains So make yourself at home This is the wifi Durian for life Password:Musang King Here is the map of Sichuan So where is Chengdu Chengdu is right here And then we are going to go to Leshan tomorrow It’s going to be fun And then you have the mountains that hug the city Yeah over here this is all mountainous region Here is Kangding You can go further west This road the 318 goes all the way to tibet Starting out with the first meal We went to go have a dinner that you can only find in the countryside A dish that’s banned in the city because of the open fire The famous firewood chicken They are going to kill a chicken for us here This is one of the best and most unique Sichuan dishes you can find A whole chopped chicken including organs and blood is boiled in an oil Loaded with dried and fresh chilies, fermented broadbean paste, chili paste Raw Sichuan tengjiao peppercorns, potatoes, and green beans Then, wheat and corn batter is put onto the side of the wok And it’s so good Look at that That looks insane Oh yeah The Sichuan peppercorn It tastes fresh It doesn’t taste too overwhelming Exactly I structured our Saturday and Sunday around two food meccas in Sichuan Both Chengdu and Leshan We started out day 1 by having a classic bowl of noodles in Chengdu This is just the beginning of an intense feeding marathon Get ready for a full packed video of delicious food rated by the guests They give you so much chili oil in the bottom there Every bowl is slightly different This one is so packed with chili oil That’s really good Is that good? That’s incredible It’s good? Yeah The noodles are so tender And that chili oil is just packed with flavor I really think it’s about the pork The fried pork it packs a lot of flavor in there Next we went into town to visit the busiest morning market in Chengdu This place has everything you could dream of And visiting is a must if you want a true Sichuan experience To try some roast duck And get lost in the busy alleyways And you can stew these and they are very tender His tongue, heart and intestines The whole pig The whole thing right here The market changes every season You can find lots of different foods here Lots of different produce Lots of different vegetables And right here This is a good roast duck Let’s get in there Take a tender fatty one That looks so good Oh yeah So much fat, it’s so good Is that good It’s really crispy skin Oh that is insane That is the best duck I’ve ever had I’m not even kidding Best you’ve ever had You hear that? Best she’s ever had right here You want another piece? I would love one It’s just meant to be So if you’re cooking up a big meal They have every thing you need here Absolutely fresh Do you guys want to try a Sichuan peppercorn Hello How are you today? How are you? so take one And just one And then put it in your teeth and bite it Then put it on your tongue for like half a second And then you’ll feel it My tongue is numb now Mines building Oh there is it It’s weird it’s not spicy at all It’s like a numbing It’s like you’re at the dentist It’s like putting novocaine in your tongue That’s really weird That’s a weird sensation And after a quick workout in the park We made our way to my go-to red oil wonton joint These are just pure magic So the goal is to eat all of the real specialties All of my favorite spots And we’re going to get one dish The hongyouchaoshou Best hongyou chaoshou in chengdu And they are just magic So this is chunyang guan Best hongyouchaoshou in Chengdu Without a doubt right here This is ding ding candy He said this is made with maize and sticky rice And this one is made with walnuts and sesame It’s dripping It’s dripping right? What I love about these Is how simple yet delicious the chili oil is Cheers Cheers! That’s really good! Are those good? The chili oil definitely makes it It’s all about the chili oil It’s a little sweet right? Yeah! You’ve got the numbing Yeah it’s a little numbing right Look at that dripping chili oil Oh it’s just magical Next we needed an hour to digest all that food So we went to a classic tea spot on the street And I ended up getting an ear cleaning There’s a first time for everything right And then we went to the best tianshuimian right across from wenshu temple These are super unique And can only be found at this spot This is the biggest Buddhist monastery in the city Oh that’s the beauty right there OK here we go Look at these! There’s like nowhere to sit so let’s go eat them outside OK Theres like this almost plum like sauce There’s like rock sugar on there There’s chili paste And chili oil It’s just magical Mix it up My favorite thing is how the noodles have these really unique texture They are uneven and square And just soak up all that sauce There’s Sichuan peppercorn in there too so it’s really just a flavor bomb I like the sauce Fantastic Oh its sweet right Sweet and spicy This one is quite prickly Yeah yeah We followed up the noodles with a two minute walk to try the famous jelly noodle sandwich Served from the friendliest owner in town Yantaipo guokui is always worth a stop Look at all that It’s like romantic Look at them mix the noodles Oh! Those are like pure jelly noodles That’s your guys! Thank you! Look at this! Look at that jelly! Squeeze it! You can see the total soft springy texture of that That’s really good! Oh my! Those noodles are just slightly sour There is vinegar in there right So squishy and soft And the pita bread is hot and crispy And after a quick walk through another of chengdu’s lively markets We made our way to Chengdu’s most famous fly restaurant to try the pig brain and rabbit pot Just look at these dishes The famous ming ting dough naohua pig brain tofu A pot of spicy rabbit And a tengjiao yu fresh Sichuan peppercorn with local river fish Let’s go right in Make sure you get some brain You mean some chicken? Some chicken Look at that That’s the pig brain, that’s good It’s in a thick spicy gravy Look at that You first Alright ready? It’s not bad It’s just a weird consistency You hate it right? I do not like that I’ll be honest I don’t like the consistency The flavor is not that bad Mostly cause the flavor is like seasame oil with Sichuan peppercorn But the texture is weird It gets pasty in your mouth It’s like gooey and pasty right After feasting on delicious fly restaurant food We took a night train to the famous food Mecca of Leshan And woke up early the next morning for a full day of feasting Starting out with a street breakfast Followed by visiting the world’s largest standing stone Buddha Smells incredible Cilantro on there Pickled radish MSG And chilies and then Sichuan peppercorn powder Look at this Oh yeah Pickled radish, cilantro, it’s filled with chilies and that rice flour So it’s super soft Cheers That’s really good That radish is great It’s super soft And just a total filler Oh yeah Then we made our way to the largest standing stone buddha in the world This is what most people come to Leshan for So we visited it during our non-eating hours We were hungry for our next street food since we hiked up the stairs to see the buddha So I brought them to try the famous stuffed gooey brown sugar flatbread It’s browned and then baked in a coal oven And then served magma hot You’ll fall in love Cheers! Careful it’s hot! Look at this It’s like molten It’s just bursting with that gooey brown sugar Isn’t that good It’s really soft right? It’s so soft Decadent Yeah, decadent Oh yeah Look at that deep layer of molten brown sugar It’s insanely sweet Next up is the boboji chicken skewers in the most flavor packed spicy and numbing broth you’ve ever had It’s super busy, just look at this We’ve got to find a place to sit This is it! This is it right here guys So you can see there’s just all sorts of chicken parts This is the part from the chicken feet These are the chicken organs Potatoes,There’s lotus root,There’s cauliflower And it’s all just soaked in that And what you do Is just take the skewers And place them down and then you pay for the skewers you eat You’re not paying for this whole bowl, you’re just paying for what you eat Yeah And this one is the one that will just Numb your mouth off! Is that good? That’s really good Do you like the flavor It’s so tasty, yeah! I love how it has a thick sesame flavor in there! But not too overwhelmingly spicy Yeah It’s so good This was a full day of eating Next we went to have the famous shaomai steamed pork dumplings on the street side This is the apex of dumplings right here Shaomai in Leshan Doesn’t that look insane They look like little flowers It’s really simple You just take these shaomai stuffed with pork and green onions And dip it right into your homemade chili oil here Cheers Here we go Oh yeah That is hot right! They are so good! So good right? The texture is different from other dumplings It’s totally different And they are just stuffed plump Look at those beauties Pillowy at the top The chili oil is excellent Look at the bottom there You’ve got to dip it right in the chili oil And that is where the flavor comes from That will escalate you into the next realm of dumplings And for our pre-dinner meal We went for some famous Leshan blade sheared noodles with bamboo shoots These are super spicy and are my personal favorite If you see Look at these noodles These are all blade sheared There’s a lot of cilantro And this is all bamboo here So that bamboo flavor is infused into this Spicy spicy chili oil broth The noodles Well, you guys tell me what you think here Alright! Look at those! It’s like thin in some parts and then thick in others It’s really good And it’s quite chewy And you can definitely tell That there is a lot of seasonings and spices in there I taste a little bit of cinnamon A little cinnamon Maybe some fennel or something But it’s definitely full of spices And after slurping that final bowl We made our way back on the train to Chengdu for our final meal The most famous meal from Sichuan Hot pot The more people the better So I invited a couple other friends for 6 of us in total And we feasted on sliced meats, organs, and veg All boiled in an insanely spicy broth A favorite in Sichuan Alright let’s try Oh yeah look at this Look at that pork It’s covered in that spicy oil And then you’ve got to dip it right into that oily cilantro Yeah that’s good That pork is so tender and juicy I didn’t even see we put pork in there And that spice Right now the spice is mild But once this boils for another half hour It’s gonna be painful So thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos Please leave a comment down below Click that like button And subscribe if you haven’t already Hope you guys had a good food tour Had some good food We really enjoyed it Thanks so much for taking us around in chengdu My pleasure Yeah, we really enjoyed our food tour I hope you had the best food I hope it wasn’t too spicy Not too spicy Awesome, thanks guys Thanks for watching!.

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