Chinese Street Food Tour in Hangzhou, China | BEST Potstickers in China!

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Good morning from beautiful Hangzhou, China It’s Trevor James And I’m at the famous West Lake here Today we’re going for a full on food exploration of this city I’m so pumped Let’s go check it out Hangzhou was first described by Marco Polo As the finest and most luxurious city in the whole world So I came here to try the food If you’re looking for amazing scenery A vibrant nightlife And delicious food You definitely have to come check out Hangzhou It’s one of the most modern cities in China And people use their phones to pay for everything Before breakfast I started off my day with a scenic walk through West Lake An ultra picturesque heritage site Where locals enjoy dancing Practice taiqi And enjoy the numerous pagodas and gardens And after some fresh air I made my way to try some of Hangzhou’s famous goutie potsticker dumplings on the streetside 可以尝吗?I can try them out? 你尝嘛,没事Try them out, no problem! 这个是你们的锅贴?These are your famous potstickers? 对,锅贴Yep, potstickers Look at this They are all brown and crispy on the outside Look at that Oh yeah 很好吃的They are really delicious! 可以吧?You like them? 真的好吃Yeah they are really good Look at the juice drip from it 可以吃一个锅贴嘛?Can I please have one more potsticker? 还有一个拌面加油渣可以吗?And one banmian noodles with deep fried pork fat? 拌面加油渣是吗?Banmian noodles with pork fat? 对Yeah 还有一个锅贴And one more potsticker please 再要一份锅贴是吗?One more portion of potstickers? 对Yeah 等一下给你哈Wait a minute and we’ll get them for you 可以用支付宝吗?Can I please use Alipay? 可以No problem 多少钱?How much is it? 12块钱It’s 12 yuan You just scan it and pay with the phone And we got the food The goutie are so good And then I also have a bowl of banmian here With these deep fried pork crisps You gotta mix those banmian up It tastes like soy sauce with some noodles They are so juicy, packed with flavour And that crispy brown layer is really to die for And after breakfast I made my way out to the source of some of the best tea in China The longjing tea terraces I got really lucky when a local lady offered to show me around the plantations And how to pick the tea 我很期待看一看I’m so excited to take a look 这里太漂亮It’s too beautiful here 这里太飘亮It’s really too beautiful 太漂亮了哦Yeah very beautiful 很多茶叶!There’s so much tea! 这是杭州的茶?This is all Hangzhou specialty tea? 这样采这样采Yeah and you pick it like this 在那边可以采茶吗?We can pick the tea over there? 采采采Yeah let’s go pick some 太好了Amazing 很多茶There’s so much tea! 我没看过这么多茶!I’ve never seen this much tea before! 我没看过I’ve really never seen something like this 你没采过啊?You’ve never picked tea? 这里可以吗?Can we pick here? This is so fun 哦,这样?Like this? 对Yeah 这个是杭州特色的茶叶?And this is all Hangzhou specialty tea? 对杭州的茶Yeah this is our famous tea 杭州茶叶Oh Hangzhou tea leaves 噢,这样采Pick it like this It’s beautiful 这个很好This is really nice here 一会儿我们可以喝一杯吗?We can try this tea out later? 喝一杯,到我家去喝茶Yeah we can go to my home to have a cup 可以吗?Really? 可以For sure 太好了That’s just great 到我家去喝茶去Yeah let’s go drink some tea 现在是70?How old are you now? 76 76真的吗?You’re 76? 我还骗你啊Would I lie to you? 还是有很多力气And you have so much energy 没问题No problem 你几岁了?How old are you? 我28I’m 28 28 对Yeah 你当我儿子好不好?Do you want to be my son? 这个不好这个不要采Don’t pick that, don’t pick it like that 这个好,把这个采一下This is good, pick this stuff 这个长大了,不好采Those leaves are too big, don’t pick them 谢谢你Thank you 这是我的家里This is my home 你的家里很漂亮Oh your home is very nice 解下来吧Untie your basket 这个这个Oh this? 解下来不要了You don’t need it 不用了Oh ok 这个是我的老伴This is my life partner 噢,老伴Oh your partner 请坐请坐Please sit down 可以吗?Is that OK? 可以可以,坐坐坐Please please sit down 谢谢你Thank you 这个是?This is? 龙井茶Longjing tea 请喝茶Please have some 谢谢你的茶Thank you for the tea 绿茶It’s longjing green tea 好茶Great tea 很好很好This is great 你中文讲得很好嘛Your Chinese is really good 还好还好一般It’s just alright 我听得懂I can understand 你听得懂吗?You can understand? 听得懂Yeah, I understand 那就好Well that’s great 他的中文讲得满好的His Chinese is really good 这个很好喝的很好喝的This is so delicious 这个对眼睛好明目This tea is good for your eyes It really was special to get to drink tea with this local lady from Hangzhou And after chatting for another hour I explored the green streets of Hangzhou by bike In search of one of the most famous Hangzhou restaurants in town Waipuojia, AKA Grandma’s Home I got so lucky and I even had a chat with the chef 你好Hello 你好你好Hello Hello 很高兴认识你Nice to meet you 很开心来到这里吃杭州菜I’m really happy to come here and try Hangzhou food 杭州菜主要是什么味道的?What are the main flavours of Hangzhou cuisine? 杭州菜主要注重的是清淡一点Hangzhou cuisine is relatively clear and light 清淡一点Oh it’s light? 对,因为我们是个旅游城市Yeah, because we are a travellers city 外地来的游客也比较多And there are many outsiders 外地人来这里尝尝杭州菜?Oh so the travellers all come here to taste Hangzhou food? 对,所以注重比较清淡点Yeah, so we make it fairly elegant and light 那我应该吃什么菜?杭州的特色菜,应该吃什么?So what shall I try? What are Hangzhou’s special dishes? 西湖醋鱼Vinegar Xihu lake fish 叫化鸡都是我的特色菜And beggars chicken 我听说还有红烧肉?对吗?I also hear your braised pork belly is good? 对,还有红烧肉Yeah that’s really good 四川的是麻辣花椒,杭州菜有什么特别的?If Sichuan has peppercorns and chilies, what does Hangzhou have? 杭州菜的话就糖醋吧Hangzhou mainly has sweet and sour 糖醋?Sweet and sour? 对,糖醋味比较多Yeah, sweet and sour is a main flavour 有点甜A little sweet 有一点偏甜,还有一点醋味,酸酸的味道Yeah it leans a little bit towards sweet than it does sour 酸和甜的Oh a little sweet and sour 对对对Yeah That sounds great Right here this is the beggars chicken It’s cooked overtop of a lotus leaf and it’s infused with a lot of spices And it looks so tender Over here, this is red braised pork This is a Hangzhou specialty Look at that Look at that fatty layer of pork With the lean layer underneath And they give you these dried salted lake fish slices This is doufupi Tofu skin with vegetables There is carrots There is sprouts There is mushrooms, wood-ear mushrooms That looks good This is cuyu, a Hangzhou specialty Vinegar lakefish This one is called Grandma’s little beef I really just want to go right in for this hongshaorou Look at how fatty that is Look at how fatty that is! That red braised sauce Oh wow This is delicious because you have the fat mixed with the lean meat And that red braised sauce is just bursting with flavour 你好帅哥,味道怎么样?Hey handsome bro, how’s the flavour? 味道很好吃的The flavour is really nice 味道很好吃是吗?Yeah, it’s delicious? 嗯,这个红烧肉真的好吃Yeah this red braised pork belly is awesome 真的好吃啊?You really like it? 有一点肥,有很多汁Yeah it’s a little fatty and it has so much juice 那个红烧为什么这么好吃?用什么香料做的?Why is the red braised sauce so good? 这个里面是我们直接用黄酒炖出来的,香料是没有的We stew it in mulled rice wine and don’t use a lot of spices 没有放香料We don’t use many spices 黄酒Mulled rice wine? 对,用黄酒炖出来的,里面放了笋干和清鱼干Yeah we stew it in mulled rice wine and add bamboo shoots and salted lake fish 噢,真的很好吃的Wow, it’s really good And after chatting with the chef I took a little walk around town and found another super special street food snack Known locally as the pangzi shaobing AKA the fatty flatbread It’s stuffed with fatty pork, chilies, and pickled mustard greens Then rolled out flat and thrown in the clay oven 你好Hello 这是你的特色的胖子烧饼对吗?This is your specialty fatty flatbread? 对Yeah 叫做胖子因为你要吃胖吗?Is it called fatty flatbread because it makes you fat? 为什么叫作这个名字?Why is it called fatty flatbread? 等一下胖子老板来了再说胖子老板马上过来You can talk with the fatty owner in a minute and understand 胖子老板,胖子的老板Oh the fatty owner, I see 谢谢你Thank you 很烫Oh it’s so hot 好吃?Is it good? 真的好吃Yeah it’s so nice That is good! Oh it’s actually very spicy 这个是我们中国的特色This is a true specialty from China 好吃胖子烧饼The delicious fatty flatbread 好吃,胖子烧饼It’s really a nice fatty flatbread It actually tastes a little bit like pizza Quite spicy and fatty and crispy No cheese but that is super delicious That is ultra good 很开心认识你Really nice to meet you 胖子烧饼,特别好吃的The fatty flatbread was so good 好吃吧?You liked it? 我刚吃了,很好吃的Yeah I just tried it, it was great 为什么叫胖子烧饼?Why is it called the fatty flatbread 胖子烧饼啊?因为人长得胖,难看,所以就胖子烧饼Mainly because I’m so fat and a little hard on the eyes, so I called it the fatty flatbread 真的吗?Really? 你在这里几年?How many years have you been here? 做了很多年了,20多年了I’ve been here a long time, more than 20 years now 20多年吗?more than 20 years? 哇,那个味道很特别That flavour is really unique 很特别啊?Unique flavour? 对Yeah It was super nice to hear the owners thoughts on the fatty flatbread And after a good walk I made my way out to a pre-dinner meal Enjoying Hangzhou’s must try soup dumplings At the famous and packed our zhiweiguan It’s so busy here There is nowhere to sit We have some beautiful beautiful Hangzhou xiaolongbao These are soup dumplings Packed with soup And the secret is You gotta take a little bit out first 那个是醋吗?Is that vinegar? 醋醋Yeah it’s vinegar 噢,醋,我加一点,谢谢你Oh, vinegar, I’ll add a little You gotta add vinegar to your xiaolongbao These are so beautiful I think I don’t even need to take the soup out Just go for a little vinegar And go right in for the kill And it pops in your mouth These are hundun Basically like wontons in soup Looks like there is some seaweed in there and egg Looks very clear and hearty These are cats ears Noodles shaped like cats ears Let’s try that out It’s in a really clear broth Chewy noodles Really, the flavour is simple There’s not much to it And to finish off the night and get completely full I went to the famous Shenglihe food street And found one of the most unique things I’ve tried in China Firewood local lake fish 这个是你们的鱼?So this is your famous local fish? 嗯,千岛湖鱼Yeah, right from Qiandao lake 噢,很大!Oh it’s so huge! 可以Let’s eat that one 我拿去称了啊OK I will go weigh it 好,谢谢你Great, thank you That’s crazy Look at this That’s awesome The concept of firewood fish is simple You have a firewood heated wok Filled with garlic, ginger, and oil And then you throw a fish in it and let it cook Adding in a bottle of beer Some mushrooms, herbs, and onions A special chili sauce And a bowl of stock Then, stick a bunch of corn and buckwheat dough to the side of the wok And let them crisp up The resulting meal is unbelievably delicious 可以吃了啊You can eat it now 谢谢你Thank you 不客气No problem Look at this Steaming pot of bubbling fish in a spicy broth Just look at this It’s full of tofu Huge slices of fish Oh yeah That fish is tender And this broth is really smooth Not too spicy Quite garlicky You can taste the ginger in there It’s just pure pure joy 好Great 这个太好吃了柴火鱼That firewood fish was delicious 噢,成功了Oh, it went through 成功了It’s successful So please click that subscribe button below Leave me a thumbs up And a comment as well Hangzhou has been amazing Completely delicious food Friendly people And it’s so modern and beautiful I’ve had a great time I’m going to keep exploring Thanks again.