Chinese Street Food Tour in Chengdu, Sichuan | BEST Street Food in China 2

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So check this out It’s Trevor James And today I am in Chengdu, Sichuan Street food heaven Today we are going for a full on street food tour of this city All the spots And some adventure Let’s check it out Sichuan is a street food heaven You’ll find a huge variety Of street food that will please your cravings I like to visit a local wet market or neighbourhood With a sense of adventure And an open mind It’s the best way to find new foods and flavours In this video I’m using some of my favourite locations Along with some impromptu food that I find along the way And if the food near the end was out of your comfort zone Let me know This is part 2 You can see them hanging up in the back there Roasting here We got a roast duck OK so it’s marinated with good ingredients Oh it’s so steamy Look at that skin It’s so crispy The seasoning on it is so magic It’s lightly salted Crispy skin Juicy and heavenly Next I biked to my favourite little street food neighbourhood And found a lady selling Pickled vegetables soaked in chili oil And a huge selection of different preserved century eggs Drops it on the floor Should I eat this Should I eat that? OK, we’re going for the full experience Covers it in oil Am I dreaming? I got no egg yolk there It doesn’t have that stench That fermented stench to it Rollin with the yolk here Here is the yolk That has a fermented slight stench to it Sulphur-y And the next thing you gotta try are the hot oil wontons and dan dan noodles At the place that made me decide I was going to move to Sichuan The flavour here is otherworldly This is it I got one more coming Classic sichuan snack food here I’m on the street side in Chengdu I got dan dan noodles With some ground pork And some yacai mixed in there BOOM Look at this All that chili oil on the bottom It’s creamy This one right here Is the reason why I moved here This one dish This hongyouchaoshou Look at that chili oil on the bottom See that? It’s a slight coating But this one is so good Because it’s a little sweet This is a liangfen So it’s a rice starch And this is mixed with vinegar and chilies So it’s a little sour Look at that I have so many dishes here Huangliangfen Mung bean jelly In that chili oil Everything is in chili oil here You get used to it It’s really nice And a zhengdan This over here is zhengdan Like a steamed egg covered in ground pork And then they give you a free noodle broth And free poacai The first thing I’m going to start with here Is the classic dan dan noodles Like this That is Really good It’s like slightly earthy From that yacai Preserved mustard greens Spicy It’s a slight spice It’s actually not too spicy And that pork is creamy So all of this food All of these locations are going to be Put in my guide to you If you come to Chengdu you gotta come to these locations This is one of them Next I visited my favourite maocai joint In a backstreet that’s always packed The concept behind maocai is simple Your choice of ingredients are blanched quickly in boiling water And then served in a huge metal mixing bowl of fiery red soup With seasonings like garlic Ginger Black soybeans Chili bean paste And lots of Sichuan peppercorns The soup is the essence And every shop has their own version It’s a must try when you’re in Sichuan I’ve got the most amazing maocai here Look at all those fermented black beans on top It’s in this extremely spicy oil But it’s like a fragrant and satisfying spice Look at all those bean sprouts Doufupi Tofu skin I got beef balls I have beef I have it all here The best thing about Sichuan food Theres some beef The best thing about Sichuan food Is that all the spices are slightly different This one is less invading More smooth and refreshing That is a refreshing spice It’s smooth Not powerful It’s like pleasureful Next I visited another local must try A sandwich version guokui A crispy baked bread pocket stuffed with pork or beef And a spicy mix of shredded carrots Cucumbers and bean sprouts You can also get the jelly noodle version It’s like a jelly noodle sandwich Crispy bread Freshly baked over coals Oh my That is too good to even speak The jelly noodles are cold And this bread is so fresh I mean look right here beside me It’s being made right beside me There is not a lineup I got so lucky today This place always has a huge lineup Look at that! It’s like spicy And a little sour because there is vinegar Fresh chilies Its a little smoky Oh yeah Hit me baby So next up is a Chengdu specialty I’m saving the last for the last Rabbit head This is insane It’s hot Get the glove on I got it backwards It’s really hot Look at that You gotta break it That is really nasty looking Ok I’m just going to go right for the cheek meat Thats the soft stuff Let’s try it out There’s like so much meat on there It is kind of nasty looking at it But the flavour is not bad It’s super tender I’m not a huge fan to be honest But there it is That’s a chengdu specialty.