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So check it out It’s Trevor James We’re going deep for noodles And deep for street food Bright and early here in Lonquan outside of Chengdu Oh look at these fresh baozi But we’re going to get some dan dan noodles You can actually get these only out here in the rural area Harder to find them in the city these days I found a lot of good noodles in China But nothing compares to the classic dan dan mian In Sichuan, dan dan mian and zajiang mean are almost identical So if you see either one Order up a bowl The bottom layer of chili oil Sesame paste Peppercorn powder Vinegar Salt, soy, and green onions is magical And when mixed through, it’s heavenly Wow, look at this That looks insane This is dan dan mian All that ground pork on top There’s fresh veg in there And you’ve got to mix the noodles up Because what’s on the bottom is the best Look at that Look at the chili oil on the bottom This is just incredible And this is a great way to start your day in Sichuan It just smells fantastic My mouth is watering right now I got some baozi here Oh this is a perfect morning breakfast Look at this Look at this Here we go MMMMM OH, it’s just warm and soothing and spicy and fragrant Oh and you just I’m speechless That chili oil is so fragrant and aromatic Theres a slight touch of Sichuan peppercorn powder Which is mixed throughout Good morning Teacher! Good morning! Good bye! I’m not a teacher I’m an eater That was really good I’m actually just speechless Those —AWWWW!! That was great They want a photo And after breakfast I made my way to a famous hole in the wall Known locally as a fly restaurant Really low hygiene standards But famous famous food So a lot of people have recommended this place to me here So we gotta try it out Ok! Real hole in the wall here some yingtao rou Oh look at that Mix it up in the bowl! That’s pure chili oil there That is romantic Look at this Oh, it’s like a food sanctuary Look at this This is Sichuan supreme here Look at this This is absolutely crazy I’ve got six dishes of pure Sichuan authenticity This is yingtao rou Which is pork, fatty pork Yingtou, which is cherries, probably stewed in cherry broth I’m actually not too sure We’re going to have to try that one out This here is “Xian shao bai” Which is steamed fatty pork Over top of yacai, which is pickled mustard greens Oh and look at these layers of fat on there This over here Is liangban bai rou Which is cold tossed pork in a chili oil And spices Same over here Which is liangban zhe’ergen So these two are the same style You see these all over Sichuan You can get almost any dish Any ingredient, liangban, tossed in chili oil and spices So this is Sichuan fish root, zhe’ergen, super unique flavor And over here these two dishes are steamed We have fenzheng Paigu, which is steamed spare ribs covered in rice flour, chopped with green onions And then over here This is fenzheng feichang Which is steamed intestines covered in that same rice flour and chilies And that looks insane First thing I really want to try is the yingtao rou The cherry pork MMM Oh Instant pleasure It’s soft, fatty, oily, and you can taste the cherry The cherry flavor is infused through there, slightly sweet And as I kept trying dish by dish The numbing spice began to build and build in my mouth The cold Sichuan salads were insanely hot And I was ready for a warm renewal of flavour with the steamed intestines But what I got was something completely different and unpleasant Oh and that Sichuan peppercorn is building on me My mouth is starting to get numb We’re going to try the fenzheng feichang My mouth is just burning Now that That is nasty I don’t even want to — Oh my That tastes like s*** Oh god I need a drink Oh I don’t like that That’s really bad with the Sichuan peppercorn And the fenzheng feichang The intestine I need a drink I need that I need a drink And after that big feast, I went to one of Chengdu’s hundreds of tea parks To digest and chill out like they do in Southwest China One of the reasons why I love southwest china is because after you’re full When you’re waiting for your next meal You can come enjoy some tea in a tea park Nothin like it You can sit here, digest, and wait for the next meal Oh yea Just took the subway We’re going hunting for more So we made it way out the rural part of Chengdu And I came here specifically to this Chinese muslim area To try some special beef and rabbit Let’s take a look We’re going to go down the way And get some more Here we are Another little joint Oh yeah awesome!Let's go eat So we have some awesome qingzhen, Chinese muslim food here All beef here and mutton Oh yeah look at this This is like qingzhen style Chinese muslim fenzhengrou It’s with beef Kind of similar to what I had at lunch Let’s try that out Now that That is the best fenzhenrou I’ve ever had I’ve had a lot of fenzhengrou But this one is just packed with flavor It’s really soft It has a consistency kind of like a porridge It’s that soft Like a rice porridge Except it’s packed with flavor This one’s a little smoky There is like tons of raw garlic on there see that? Oh that is powerful! Fatty! Soft! This is good! This is next level here! I’m going to take one of these lamb kebabs And put it into the fuqifeipian here And that is just going to douse it in flavor Legendary! Oh the lamb is so soft That cumin flavor on there is powerful Spicy And then when you dip it in the chili oil, it’s quite nutty as well There’s peanuts in there Oh it’s just like This is worth the trip out of chengdu here Look at this This is the secret here Look at how thick that chili oil it And for my pre dinner meal I went back into the city to try some famous alleyway red braised eel noodles So we’re in a little neighbourhood now And I hear just up the corner here Theres a little famous eel noodle joint Let's go check it out Here we are I’m going to have to get a spot Yeah look at those big chunks of eel Lots of noodles and whole garlic cloves WOW I’m just going to have to taste that Look at that big chunk of eel there All that thick chili broth A bit of that eel to consolidate Oh the eel is so smooth I gotta say It’s quite oily You gotta be really hungry for these Look at that I have a bias towards gan ban dry noodles And this has a thick oily broth Which is still pretty good And for the final meal of the night I made my way to try a zigong city specialty frog pot Hotter than hot pot And with thousands of fresh chilies Not dried chilies but fresh chilies This was dangerously spicy Big chunks of frog Look at that That’s a whole frog This looks kind of similar to the one I had in wuhan but they give you the whole frog I’m just going to go right in here Give a quick feedback and then update you guys about what Im going to be doing in the next couple months The whole frog I’m just going to go for that tender meat bit there Frog is always good Usually more tender than chicken That’s an instant burn Oh my tongue is on fire This is burning And I ordered moderately spicy I really don’t know what extremely spicy would be like Because my mouth is in pain So a quick update here I really need your help You can follow me on Instagram at The Food Ranger And leave me a comment for any of the following things I’m at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine Learning to cook Sichuan food for the next two and a half months After that we’re going to Malaysia Me, Ting Ting, and Chuchu For a week in January with Chuchu If you’ve followed my channel for the last year or so You know Chu Chu She’s probably one of the most famous co-host’s that I’ve had We’re going to go to KL for a week to eat street food And I need your personal recommendations where to go After that we’re going to go to India We’re flying to Delhi Just Ting Ting and I We’re going to be in Northern India for a month I need your recommendations for where to go in Northern India for the best street food We’re going to be in Delhi and then Calcutta And then two other locations So one week for each location And then we’re going to fly down to Sri Lanka for another week And I need your recommedations for all of these So follow me on Instagram at the food ranger Leave me a comment or a direct message and I will reply to you And I would just love to have your recommendations Thanks a lot guys Nice.

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