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Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I have had the most insane year Eating Chinese street food all across China And today I’ve narrowed down 15 of the most insane street foods that I’ve had Let’s check it out China is a street food heaven You can find thousands of different street foods Ranging across all of China’s 23 different provinces Hi, I’m Trevor James And I travel to eat I’ve been living in China for 3 years now Eating and filming non stop for you In this past year I ate hundreds of different street foods around China All compiled into street food tour videos And all uploaded right here for you on youtube Today, I’ve narrowed down 15 of the most unique and delicious dishes that I’ve found Let’s eat Starting off with #15 This is one of China’s most polarizing street foods The century egg These are found all over China’s streets And I found a spot in a back market of Chengdu Where the local street vendor dropped it on the ground to open it Should I eat this? OK, we’re going for the full experience Oh, that has the fermented slight stench to it Sulphury Next up for number 14 A famous street food in China Feichangfen A bowl of spicy intestine broth, sliced intestines And sweet potato starch noodles It’s an acquired taste, but definitely one of the most unique And if you can accept it, delicious street foods in China It smells almost like charry Like, a little smoky There is nothing gross about it The intestine is a little fatty And it just sort of melts into your mouth And the broth is really spicy Number 13 is a food craze that’s popped up all over China Crayfish Some love them, others hate them But one thing is for sure, you have to give them a try It’s all about the spice mixture that they are cooked in And when I had them with a local friend in Shanghai They were cooked in a 13 spice mixture that was incredibly powerful That’s the pure xiaolongxia rou Yeah, and you can taste That’s ultra spicy Next up for number 12 This is the famous Xi’an suantang jiaozi Found in Xi’an’s food paradise The Hui Muslim Chinese district Here you can find a huge variety of Hui Muslim Chinese cuisine Like hand pulled noodles Steamed spiced beef Cold jelly noodles Insane lamb kebabs Chinese shredded beef pita burgers And a lot more But my favorite thing from my 3 week food trip to Xi’an Was a super delicious sour and spicy bowl of juicy beef or lamb dumplings That you won’t want to miss A bowl of these jiaozi is packed with chili oil Vinegar, and sesame oil And the broth is infused with shrimp skins That is huge 30 suanla, sour and spicy niurou beef jiaozi Oh, I can smell the sesame and the cilantro Look, they are plump, they are plump Next up for number 11, this was one of the most unique dishes I found on the street And I had to go really deep to find it As I was exploring the back markets and alleyways of Chengdu I found a local man selling boiled pig blood in a huge pot Covering it in a ton of chili oil, salt, and greens I was hesitant to try it at first But it was quite delicious apart from the fatty texture And definitely one of the most unique things I’ve eaten in China So the blood, soup Pig blood in a bunch of oil Chili oil Let’s get some cilantro on there It’s actually not bad It tastes like pig blood, in really spicy oil Number 10 and number 9 is Chinese roast duck From street side roast ducks found throughout almost all the markets across all Chinese cities To the classic Beijing roast duck I’m sure you’re going to fall in love with either In Beijing, I took my parents for a 10km hike along the Great Wall of China in the afternoon And in the evening, we explored the Hutong alleyways of Beijing En route to try the famous Peking duck It’s characterized by it’s thin, crispy skin Served with scallion, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce that are rolled into pancakes I was hoping it was going to be amazing But I had no idea it was going to be this good It’s really good It’s so good Incredibile duck! And in Chengdu, I brought my couch surfing guests to try street side ducks in the morning market There’s nothing like visiting a morning market in China I found this insane market in late 2015 And returned to shoot 4 or 5 different market videos Each time stopping for a bite of this delicious roast duck Let’s get in there Take a tender, fatty one It’s so good Oh yeah Oh that is insane That is the best duck I’ve ever had Number 8 is a street food you must try in Hong Kong or Guangzhou Of course you should try dim sum, roast duck, and barbecue pork But I found Cheong fen AKA streamed rice noodle rolls Literally translated as intestine rolls because of their intestine like appearance To be the most delicious and unique The first time I had this I was amazed at the simple deliciousness of the roll When it’s filled with a selection of pork, shrimp, and egg And then dipped into a light soy sauce, it’s heavenly The atmosphere of a morning Cheong fen restaurant is worth the trip to Canton alone Let’s try that out You can taste there is a bit of pork and shrimp flavor mixed throughout there The rice flour noodle is quite gooey and soft Number 7 is a street food that I found while exploring Leshan Sichuan’s well known food hot spot And famous for the worlds largest standing stone buddha I found a puffy and soft dough pocket That was filled with a molasses like brown sugar And baked in a coal oven on the streetside When it’s served to you piping hot And you take your first bite The gooey brown sugar is going to ooze out And you won’t be able to stop eating Look on the inside Look at that It’s all brown sugar It’s like a pocket of gooey brown sugar on the inside there You can taste that thick, super sweet brown sugar And this bread, is really soft It’s like super soft, almost delicate like bread For number 6, I found an explosive Chinese street food that scared me to death The Chinese popcorn cannon As I was exploring the back alleyways of Lanzhou In China’s Islamic northwest A city with a huge Hui Muslim population And amazing Halal food I found a man selling popcorn on the street What myself and Ting Ting my girlfriend and camera girl both didn’t know Was that it was soon to explode Here we go That is so loud! Fresh street popcorn Super sweet, crunchy, and smoky It doesn’t get any better than that Next up for number 5 is one of my favourite noodle joints in Chengdu There really is nothing like slurping noodles on the street side in China And for me The zajiang noodles are the noodle dish to try in Chengdu The land of spicy and numbing Sichuan cuisine I found a spot that serves up a bowl so fragrant So silky and smooth, so spicy with chili oil That you’re going to want to give it all up and move here Look at all the jiangdou (Long beans) That adds a crunch to it So oily and silky This standard here of noodles is just one above the next You get that mouth feeling There’s only a few places here that give me that feeling here in Sichuan Number 4 is a food that will forever be in my heart; Durian But this isn’t any durian This is a super creative take on it Durian is one of the worlds most controversial foods due to it’s amazing fragrance And if you love it, you can devote your whole life to it Everywhere you go you think of it And every chance you get, you’ll devour one The best durian in the world is in Malaysia But I found a creative take on it while Foodrangin’ in Guangzhou with a local friend last winter Durian chicken hot pot It tastes exactly like durian and chicken broth mixed together Surprisingly they go pretty well Yeah This is it Now we’re getting up there with number 3 This was found in Wuhan After I found a nine hour high speed train from Chengdu just to try the famous Reganmian Also known as sesame paste noodles But what I found here was even better A unique take on shaomai dumplings Beautiful sticky rice dumplings with mushrooms are stuffed into a hand rolled deep fried dough pocket Giving you an amazing texture and flavor combo This is what dreams are made of here It’s like a crispy deep fried dough pocket Stuffed with shaomai Wow! It tastes like a peppery gravy ball Oh those are really good, it tastes like gravy! Number 2 is some of the most amazing meat I’ve ever had On the outskirts of Chengdu, there is a whole roast lamb restaurant that serves 90 day old baby lambs that pack a flavor that is to die for Slathered in sesame oil, roasted, and then covered again in a Sichuan hot and numbing sauce and cumin rub Eating this is just like heaven We have a whole roast lamb here And we’re going to go into a yurt to taste it Look at that, look at that! It’s like all meat Get in there Oh, there is a bone! Is that the best lamb or what Yeah, definitely Is that like the most beautiful lamb you’ve ever had? It’s succulent It’s spicy It’s juicy It’s like so tender Look at that lamb, it just falls off the bone Here we are guys Number one This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a kitchen Enter the hand pulled noodle sanctuary in Lanzhou I took a weekend food trip here And walked into this noodle joint not knowing what I was about to witness The incredible displays of noodle mastery Will blow you away as you watch them in the back kitchen And words just cannot describe just how amazing this process is It really is noodle heaven You’ll be speechless watching them make the dough and hand pulling the noodles The skills of each person in this long production chain is incredible and will blow you away You can see it all happening in one line From kneading the dough, pulling the noodles Filling the bowl with a specialty radish beef broth Some home made chili oil, fatty beef chunks And green onions and cilantro After you take your first bite You’re going to question every other bowl of noodles you’ve ever eaten! That has this incredibly aromatic essence to it With all of these hand pulled noodles It’s just like clockwork in the kitchen there Oh yeah, that is worth the flight right here Incredibly flavor packed beef noodle soup Huge slices of beef It’s the slurping hot spot right here So thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos I hope you enjoy the top 15 unique Chinese street foods I’ve had this year This has been an amazing year of eating Chinese street food all around China Please click that like button if you enjoyed the video Leave me a comment down below And subscribe if you haven’t already Thanks a lot guys.

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