Chinese Snacks (FOOD HAUL) 【随分違うね】中国上海からのお土産!

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You today.

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Today, it is the food and sweets from Shanghai.

I received from TJ's Come from London.

The way, told me I bought a lot of souvenirs in Shanghai.

None did we for the first time of things.

TJ's, thank you! Eat fast I want.

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Anyway, let's get started! The first second of today, Maybe, but I think it's pork, It appears to be somewhat of beef jerky.

Pork jerky do you say.

And spicy aroma.

Very appetizing smell.

it is delicious.

It's true.

I good beer.

I beer.

I was wondering what more taste is strong, But without such a thing, Flavor about chew if chew leaves.

I very tasty.

I I like is.

You are? This is very tasty.

It is a very good start.

Let's go next The following is given I think that it is something of a duck.

Something of duck.

Let's open.

What would this.

Smell is somehow, SPAM like.


How? guess what? I wonder what it.

that is··· seriously, SPAM I taste a do of SPAM.

Softening of the taste.

Unusual taste.

Not bad.

I to do not mind.

Of course, not bad.

somehow··· You taste of spices.

Spices of Chinese food? I guess spices.

Not the taste, such as anxious at all.

This is somehow If you know, please tell me.

I do not know.

Let's go next! next, what is that? Is written it dried beans.

Dried beans? I wonder if that solidified the beans? This is, perhaps, something that I think do not like tofu.

Spicy scent.

I no beans Ppoku.

It's so, I think the feeling that solidified your beans.

Whether not it a kind of fried tofu.

Kana soy meat? Soy meat? ANYTHING.


That's texture such as meat.

I think soy meat.

Chili oil pickled soy meat.

That's soy meat.


Nothing if not to say, maybe I think I meat.

Huh meat-ish texture.

The next two, And dry olive salted Dry peach salted.

I think this is as I like me.

I like this kind of.

First of all, from Himomo.

Delicious delicious.

Like? Than ate in Hawaii, several stages delicious.

But the same taste as we ate in Hawaii! delicious! He has said that the "Rihinmui".

You Are sold in Hawaii.

It is similar to this.

Dry olive.

Do this is I eat for the first time.

For the first time to the olive in this wind.

I wonder if there is a seed, Yeah, delicious.

Probably that taste ate in Hawaii.

Medicine like.

medicine? I think so.

Ne of the herbal.

Delicious, delicious.

next, This is also That's your beans.

It looks like broad beans.

Chinese of Chinese characters a lot.

The Japan Kanji do not know so very different.

So, you're right.

Mecha stiff.

hard? How do you eat – It does not bite.

I wonder what can I do.

Yeah, turtles turtles.

That's fresh take, these.

In that ate up here, other than the dried fruit, For the first time in my life.

Very good experience.

Your beans and smoky flavor, I do not know what are and whatever seasoning, It looks very little salt, I think delicious to people who like your beans.

I eat, this.

next, Black something.

I wonder if black sesame cake.

Oh, black imitate.

Black sesame would love.

Sesame matter of taste.

It is like this.

Black sesame flavored.

It's fluffy and lightly, is in.

The following are three.

Because it was Onnaji size, it was put together.

Sunflower seeds! Caramel sweets.

Horse likely horse likely.

Really really.

This is, but there is that you have eaten before, very much.

Fried dough? I Without wrong.

Let's eat.

I'm not so sweet.

But what kind of taste taste of "extremely trivial".

"Extremely trivial" is probably texture? The following is a "Shakima salty".

I do not know what things, Let's eat anyway.


Purport likely smell.


Green onions? maybe.

sweet? Or sweet? delicious.

Oh, really? delicious? Funny taste? Roasted taste.

I delicious, this.

But Yes to fly, Taste reminiscent of Karinto Ne of Japanese sweets.

I'm feeling sweet Karinto.

Sweet Karinto.

The last one, I do not know somehow.

Unforgettable special taste.

Let's eat anyway.

In order to know somehow.

I do not know somehow, It is good.

Unforgettable taste? I do not know somehow.

I think vanilla taste.

But I do not know well.

Somehow sweet feeling.

Huh mild taste.

And frankly, such as containing the essence.

Ne of not strong taste.

Somehow this flavor.

do not know.

As of cake.

So, it's like cake, Extremely trivial sponge cake.

Oh yeah, that's like that.

Taste of sponge cake? Next ~! This is, how peanut cake.

I see.

Yeah, I peanuts Poi.

Not speak a little.

Fuwa is extremely trivial to have, Medium as pillow is soft, But, there is also the part, such as the stiff rice cake, It feels like suck all the moisture in the mouth.

There is your water.

This is not just delicious, Healthy feel.

So sweet and also without, I because sesame seeds and peanuts.

So I like.

Is the last of the two.

This is also peanut? maybe.

It looks You're delicious.

Huh wrapping paper, such as from a long time ago.

Such fond.

Softening medicine like.

Taste of peanut.

It's true.

As peanut butter.

Oh yeah, it feels like peanut butter and dried.

Made delicious contain water in the mouth.

As little Mochi', I like peanut butter.

Very funny.

And this.

Any beans that I would.

In eating today, how the most useless.

This is because, There is no taste.

I do not feel something of the taste.

Not the taste of the food.

Nante or say, Cement like.

Soap? What, this.

This I can not say on their own.

I heard what the taste.

Well, I tried all in the table.

I liked there were two.

One is, dried peaches.

Much to eat all alone.

And, this pork jerky.

Really this is like.

Is Satoshi? This, sunflower seeds sweets.

Of this first one? It is the best? What The second is? Pork jerky.

Both of them, I like this.

Really, this fan.

Thank you for seeing everyone.

And, TJ's, thank you.

Funny things of this lot.

It was a very interesting experience.

Really really.

It was really fun time.

From TJ's, it had also those of London in addition to this.

Soon, I will still to video.

Thank you for seeing.

Or today of the Shanghai Food review was to enjoy? TJ's, Thank you again very much.

Long road to Bring me To all the way.

I'm really grateful.

Really enjoyed.

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