Chinese Police Uncover Fake Food Syndicate Producing Chemical-Laden ‘Jellyfish’

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Police uncover a fake food-producing syndicate in eastern China that had sold chemical-laden "jellyfish" to the public.

Authorities said raids carried out on two workshops led to the arrest of six people in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, according to a press release from local police on WeChat last week.

The fake seafood was reportedly first found at a rural food market in the coastal province of Zhejiang.

The vendor's supplier in the province then led detectives to a bigger fake jellyfish workshop in Jiangsu.

In total, the suppliers reportedly sold more than 10 metric tons of the synthetic jellyfish before being caught.

Six people in total were arrested in late April over the incident.

They are said to have raked in over 170,000 yuan — or $26,000 — in profit.

Jellyfish is a popular appetizer in China.

The fake jellyfish, police said, was made by mixing chemicals and contained high levels of aluminum.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Cambrie Caldwell.