Chinese Food

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Hello there.

I'm Luke.

We have to do today is walnut shrimp dish.

This dish is from Hong Kong.

It is because Hong Kong chefs emigrated to the United States.

This dish brought to the United States.

Because they know that the British take them back to China So the Chinese came to the United States This dish requires titanium dioxide, secretion, buy there Nuys, flour, shrimp, walnuts, eggs, oil, and copy.

Absolute Heat.

Walnut added until the yellow out.

Taking advantage of walnut hot, take it out.

Taking advantage of nuclear Taut heat, add honey.

Stir back to enteritis out to dry.

Wash and drain.

Titanium dioxide and flour two to one, a fried flour.

Fried shrimp wrapped in a layer of powder.

One station after finished, add a layer of fried flour.

The grilled shrimp into the oil inside.

Wait until golden shouting out Wait until golden brown, then dry out of the column.

Ness has joined buy and honey.

We have bought into the shrimp station Ness.