Chinese Food – Asian Market – Vlog 5

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Hey Hello Travelers Were on our way to Chinatown, where we'll do our grocery shopping I'll take you with us.

Were going to an Asian grocery store.

And an Asian Grocery Store has alot of different things that a regular grocerystore in North America dosent have.

Such as purple duck eggs, Bull penis, duck heads, you name it they've got it.

Everything at the Asian Grocery store is super fresh.

In fact it's so fresh that some of it is still alive.

So we'll show you that.

It's reallygood food.

I'm going to go incognito when we go into the grocery store, cause I don't want them to know that I'm going to be filming.

So you wont see me when were in the grocery store.

But Ill show you all the different sights and sounds, Let's go to Chinatown right now and check it out, so here we go.

Oh they have lucky candy.

See that lucky candy.

I see that.

Strawberry flavored goodies.

Here we've got wild boar, deer venison, pulled pheasant, alligator, pig and there it is, beef penis and balls.

These are all good, have you ever had the corn flavored.

I haven't but Marie buys them And here they have Ding Dongs for sale.

Here's delicious grass jelly drink.

I wonder what that tastes like.

Never had grass before.