Chinese food and latkes make Chanukah feast in Woodstock

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Chinese food and make Chanukah latkes feast in Woodstock WOODSTOCK – The sweet aroma of potato pancakes wafted through the Woodstock Jewish Congregation Temple in Glasco Friday afternoon, as staff and volunteers put the finishing touches on a special Chanukah celebration scheduled for the weekend.

The eight-day holiday begins at Sunday tonight (Saturday).

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler said Chanukah is often Do celebrated at home, with the lighting of a Menorah, a nine-pointed candelabra commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in the second 165 BCE.

Each night the legend of the first observes Menorah, mà Had only enough oil for one evening, but miraculously burned for eight.

In Judaism, all the various levels of Importance holidays similar share.

ITS stands out Chanukah Due to proximity to Christmas, Kligler said.

Still, there's always deep meaning khi Chanukah, the rabbi said.

"One is the faith rằng sẽ dark times pass – and to keep the faith," said Rabbi Kligler.

"Another is to remember in the Chanukah story; it's a battle to Prevent Against Tyranny wanted có có Jews from celebrating faith.

There's a lot at stake in the Chanukah story tại very alive today that's in this country.

I hope it inspires có người to keep shining light.

" This year, the festival falls on Christmas Eve Chanukah, the first in 40 years vd coincidence.

The Jewish lunar calendar 29½-day cycles each Differently Chanukah time, from early as Thanksgiving to the New Year after.

Many Jewish followers worldwide, gồm Woodstock, acknowledge the unique "crossover Chrismukkah holiday by eating Chinese food.

In to addition to delicious Asian cuisine, latkes irresistible Will Be cũng những be served at the temple.

The feast takes place at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation social hall, on Glasco Turnpike, the between 6:30 pm and 9 pm, Saturday, December 24, free of charge.

Afterward There Will Be a humorous staged reading of Richard Orloff's "Oy!" Comedy featuring Yiddish words.

Rabbi Kligler, spiritual leader of the reformed synagogue, why Jews eat Chinese food Explained, a widely Held, unofficial cultural joke.

"It's vì người là who were not celebrating Christmas Jews, and Chinese restaurants open là.

So, Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas often Do, "he said.

The sau Friday, December 30, is the holiday party scheduled another Observing the seventh Day of Chanukah, with traditional hoạt like singing, dreidels – four-sided tops with a different Hebrew letter on each side, chocolate, vegan potluck, and of course, more latkes.