Chinese challenge eating Italian food

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is kelly and today i'd like to show you around where I stay and show you around a small town in the UK.

Today the weather is not sunny at all.

No sun so I have to wear my winter jacket to keep myself warm.

Look at the trees no leaf.

I'm going to walk to the high street yeah and have some lunch you know i can show you around.

At the beginning of this high street that's a church it's look like a very small church and actually in every small town in UK you will see one of those church and have very old architecture its free to go inside to have a look yeah it's not that big and it's not very high yeah and it has quite a big garden.

Some church their garden used for buried dead people gravestone yeah but this church doesn't have any gravestone just some trees yeah it look very tidy and nice.

This is the old town high street is not that big this only one street here they have lots of quite nice restaurant and pubs along this street.

It's sometimes quite busy especially in fridays night and weekend because lots of people come out for dinner and drinks.

Yeah today I'm going to come to this Prezzo Italian restaurant for lunch yeah I'm not come out very often now only once a while to come out for lunch just to treat myself yeah this restaurant and have very nice environment this is the menu and wine list.

Italy actually got lots of good wine yeah what i'm going to eat this is the menu yeah I will going to order the spaghetti meatball for my lunch to fill me up and I'm going to have a Prosecco wine it is a bubbly is quite nice just like champagne which is from France and prosecco is from Italy this restaurant not busy today yeah so i'm going to order the spaghetti meatballs from here which can fill me up yeah the environment here are not that bad I think it looks like the fine-dining restaurant and the prices are not cheap at all well here we go this is a Prosecco Italian bubbly yeah look at that Cheers look this is my lunch meatball spaghetti the meatball is enough to fill me up for my lunch I like some cheese on top of it yes I like cheese on top of my spaghetti now that yeah today's not very busy in this restaurant here not many people so not so noisy which is good so I can feel relax yum yum let's have my lunch now very hungry yeah I feel quite hungry maybe because I was so hungry that's why i order the big meatball on my spaghetti here cheers quite good yeah I quite like it it's nice well time to pay the bill yeah and it was like 15 pounds 68 it's not cheap well after the coupon discount has become 5 pounds 68 well you know there's really good yeah lucky I got ten pound coupon so I get the discount yeah otherwise i have to pay 15 pounds 68 to eat yeah then that is quite a lot for me so it's not that bad I gave them one pound tips so become 6 pounds 68 for a meatballs spaghetti noodle and a glass of prosecco wine not bad well please subscribe to my channel and I see you soon.