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Hello! Today we're going to have dinner in our neighbourhood we go to a BBQ area on a street close to our place, where there are BBQ one next to each other.

You'll see.

It's a budget place.

Very Chinese, meaning there are no foreigners, prices are reasonable and we wanted to show you the way they have a meal, rinse the dishes.

You'll see Sometimes there is dog meat hung.

I guess there was the first time we saw dog meat hung, everyone knows dog is eaten in China but till you see it for the first time, no.

don't know, it sounds like it's not true, isn't it? Well, it is.

Don't know if there will be today, we have seen it occasionally, I don't pay attention because, as you know we're vegetarian and it's not something I'm looking at Tada! The BBQ street! There are terraces.

You can stay indoors as well.

See the tables inside? Here the weather is usually hot, winter is short, so people use to stay outdoors more comfortable, cool breeze, can smoke.

Well, as you see there is one next to each other Chinese guys come to you to persuade you to eat at theirs Look, this is the BBQ we're going to eat dinner, now we take a seat at a table over here Well, we are already here and I'm going to show you the Chinese ritual you do at a BBQ before start eating As you can see, the dish and cutlery come wrapped with plastic that makes you think everything it's clean we're not sure because we were told since the first day you have to clean it using this teapot filled with very hot tea and throw in here the disposables Now you'll see how I do it.

As I said, although it's coming packed, there has to be a reason for it since they do it open the chopsticks and.

This one is for the beer we already ordered, very cold and they don't use to wash it so I don't do it either and we throw everything in here, this plastic, this one too.

you can see the steam from the tea I let it overflow.

Everyone does it their way Like that everything is clean and sterilized in a way, to eat with no worries.

In this bowl it's a mess of plastic and tea Well, we already ordered, but you may think: How you do it if you don't speak Chinese? Because we don't speak Chinese The minimum necessary The menu comes full of pictures Pictures and the prices Like that you can see if it's meat or fish then, as I said this is a BBQ area on the last pages you find the cheapest food, these are the prices in Yuan and it's written, there is no pictures and what we do is well, today Dani worked on translate it all, from Chinese to Spanish we took a photo one day and he has translated it to Spanish but even if we don't bring it we know how to say "we don't eat meat" and we manage to order at the end anyway, if you don't order this, there are the pictures instead so now it's time to wait the food to come and we show you what we ordered You finished? look, we got the first course This is Chinese bread it's sprinkled with chilli powder and black pepper I guess This is tofu.

We call it "Chicken' skin" because.

It looks like "Chicken' skin" don't know if it can be seen so well, it comes rolled up and it's so tasty you can't smell it but it has a BBQ' scent.

these are.

these are shiitake mushrooms also cooked on the BBQ and this is grass, it's how Dani calls it you see it's pretty long it's like emmm.

chives I'd say it's chive don't know, it's also pretty good we ordered only one because I don't want today well, you see how we're going to start Look, more courses keep coming these are string beans usually they're stir-fried with chilli but they are like boiled in here but every restaurant has its own way to cook it and an aubergine they open it, grill it and sprinkle chilli powder and some other spice over it an it tastes amazing it's hard to eat it with chopsticks but Dani is going to show us the art of eating with chopsticks it's very mushy, you have to do it properly *cheering him up* shit, we got a hard one very good ouch, you broke it a little usually it's easier yeah, normally comes out fine we ordered a bowl of rice too a thing that can't be missed in China, you know to share, otherwise we fill ourselves with rice well, that's all for now if we still hungry we'll order some more and the beer.

is it good? Well, we are already at home with full belly there was no dog before the dinner I told you if there was, I'd show it well, usually there is.

We are going to sleep, today is a weekday and tomorrow I have to work and wake up early.