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Welcome to Chinatown This chinatown is a bit different to the other chinatowns well in the sense that it is pretty new In the coastal cities (in England) the Chinese people have been around for a lot longer since the 19th century because back then there were a lot of Chinese seamen that were transporting goods from Asia and a lot of them settled in the UK but yeah even though Birmingham's Chinatown is pretty new, that's not to say that it's not good it is pretty awesome and it's not just limited to Chinese food you can get all sorts of food, from Korean to Thai but this time I decided to stick to Chinese food well kinda so actually the place we wanted to go to was packed so we decided to take a risk and try something new i had to get myself a tap water, of course that's such a long sip as for my main, I decided to try something that I'd later regret I got a tom yum chicken noodle soup with vermicelli so let's see how this tastes so i like my noodles thin right and i ordered vermicelli noodles but these vermicelli noodles were really thick for my liking besides that, the soup was pretty good there wasn't that much chicken though and there were loads of random vegetables so normally i don't really have tomatoes with my tom yum nor do i have bamboo shoots or water chestnuts so overall i'd give it 3 out of 5 because I've had better tom yums really full now but now we're gonna head off and get dessert cos there's always room for dessert so we're gonna get some chinese bakery apparently this is burnt and doesn't taste good but we eat burnt stuff at home all the time Jo doesn't mean it's nice erm quite dry that's the whole point, it's bread no but it's not moist dry, it's dry dry totally can't say that i was too impressed with the pineapple bun either it was pretty dry and a bit burnt so i'm gonna rate it 3/5 unsatisfied by that pineapple bun, we went elsewhere in search for our quick sugar fix and yeah don't be fooled by the lemons, this place is not healthy in the slightest okay so this is the taro we got hot instead of cold but it's not that hot no bubbles in it so it tastes kinda weird but i think it's a lot more natural than the normal ones it's not as artificially sweet and it's not artifically purple either but yeah overall pretty good alright guys that's me done and dusted i am so full with so much food in here so you know what i'm gonna do? i'm just gonna head to the toilet and i'll see you guys in the next video for more awesome food and stuff okay, see ya are you following me? what do you think about it? doesn't taste nice well i dunno, love hate relationship love hate relationship? with yourself or the bubble (tea).