Chicken Long Rice (Chinese Hawaiian Recipe) LUAU FOOD

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I love chicken long rice.

So today, very happy! Hello! The other day, to everyone, I asked whether attempt to create either a "chicken long rice" of the "sprinkled Ahi".

Many of the people has been chosen the chicken long rice.

I love chicken long rice.

So very happy.

I is also.

This is a very Hawaiian food.

But is the cuisine served at luau (banquet), So easy you can eat well at home.

Let's start with the material.

One chicken thigh, Ginger Hitokake Vermicelli 100g Long green onion Elements of chicken soup, tablespoon 1-2 (acceleration of your choice) 1 teaspoon salt First you peel the ginger.

If you like ginger is you, you may be increasing the amount.

Then thinly slice.

I have been had the chicken in a pot, Place the ginger and water together.

And, it puts also iodine and salt of chicken soup.

And the low heat When boiled with a lid.

Scoop the lye.

Stew with a lid 40 to 50 minutes.

While cooking the chicken long rice, What can I make now, let's listen to everyone.

How nice.

Well, if Hawaii's dessert? It sounds good.

Previously, we'll give you the "butter cake" was also a request from the direction of the viewer.

It's what I had to eat as a child.

I loved butter mochi.

Do not eat much.

why? I love everyone, "malasada" Do you like? I is one of the most favorite Suites in Hawaii.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you choose either? Is butter rice cake? Or malasada? Please do let in the comments.

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Let's take a look at the chicken long rice.

Since the stew long, chicken should look soft.

Out on top of the cutting board, and cool slightly.

Once you become to the extent that the touch It will loosen by hand.

Skin is later easy to eat better taken.

To return to the earlier of the pot again.

Here we put the vermicelli.

With the fire again, soak in firmly soup vermicelli.

Soup will be delicious soaked.

With the cover and stew for about 10 minutes.

Finally, sprinkle the green onions.

Quick stir, This chicken long rice is ready.

Even Sprinkle the salt in your favorite is fine.

Such as rice and lomi lomi salmon, Hawaii flow to eat together with the other dishes.

Please Come on.

I chicken long rice.

My favorite Hawaiian cuisine.

Eat even better? here you go.

Gotta love the smell of this ginger.

I put my mother is always a lot of ginger.

Ginger's life that do.

Feel the Hawaii? I feel feel.

And ginger, are people who do not want to eat I do not eat.

I eat.

How about soup? Perfection.

Salty is to not, perfect.

's A flavor of a very good chicken, Delicious delicious.

Like being in the seat of the luau.

Karuapiggu and LAULAU, want to eat with Toka lomi lomi salmon.


It's love.

Maybe, but his most favorite Hawaiian cuisine.

That's not it? I remember when I went to "Ono Hawaiian Food" of Hawaii.

It's was surprised.

What delicious.

I remember.

How was it.

Today was our favorite Hawaiian cuisine.

I try to make all means.

Sam up, please.

Comments please let us know.

Then what do I want to make, do not forget.

Since there is also the other Hawaiian recipe, click on the "i" in the above.

Thank you for seeing.

So also the next time, Aroha!.