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An, when I just lick my lips.

[PIANO PLAYING] Hi, and welcome toVincenzo's Plate, where amazing homemadeItalian food is made.

Today, we are making one of themost popular Italian recipes around the world–chicken cacciatore.

[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]And what does it mean? This means the hunter'schicken, or the chicken hunters.

And the huntersnormally go to the bush.

And what do youfind in the bush? You find porcini mushrooms.

You find more wild mushrooms.

You find truffles and morewild produce– the best.

So I'm going totake this chicken cacciatore to the next level byusing porcini mushrooms– yeah.

This is something that youwill find five star Michelin restaurant.

But the best part is, you'remaking these yourself at home.

Guys, let's make thiseasy chicken cacciatore with porcini mushrooms.

And please, please, pleasedon't buy the chicken from those big shops.

Buy it from your trustedbutcher or from the farmer.

We need to support real food.

This is the food that we need.

Eggs, chicken comefrom the farm, not from those bigshops who sell chicken full of steroids and hormones.

We don't need that.

Let's go into details now.

First thing to do is to getsome nice dry porcini mushrooms and soak them in hot water sothey'll become nice and soft.

Now, in a nice pot, we want toput extra virgin olive oil– and make sure it'sextra virgin olive oil– and two cloves of garlic.

And then we add alittle bit of rosemary.

So we get the oil toget a bit of a flavor.

You cook it for acouple of minutes just because, likeI said, we want the oil to add a nice taste.

And then we add the chicken.

So we got chicken thighs.

We got chicken drumsticks,chicken wings– a mix.

It's a 1 kilo of chicken.

That's what I've got today.

You put them in the pan.

You make sure you pullthem so they are nice, next to each other.

And then we start cooking them.

I like to cook them forfive minutes on each side so you get the alittle bit brown.

And then we startadding flavors.

So we start with thepaper and the salt, which is very important.

And then we wanted to adda little bit of dry herbs.

I use a mix of margarineand thyme for this.

Now, again, we turn them again.

So let's say we want todo maybe five minutes one side, five minutesthe other side.

And then we had one carrotcut into small pieces and one celery stick cutinto small pieces.

And now we are ready togo to the final step.

So after about 50 minutesthat we are cooking it, we want to have aglass of white wine.

Feel free to use red wine.

I like to use the white winefor better presentation.

Now, it's time for you toclose the top just with a lid.

And you want to keepthe flavors in there.

Again, we want torotate it one more time.

We do this cooking in thewine for about 10 minutes, and you will see whenthe wine evaporates.

When the wine is gone, youadd the Italian pasada– Italian tomato sauce, orjust Italian finely chopped tomatoes.

You need to get this beautifulflavor from the tomato.

Now, the porcini mushroomsare ready to go in.

Make sure you strain the water,because they dry porcini– they hold a little bitof sand from the ground.

You don't want that.

Now, final step– last20 minutes of cooking.

Were cooking this beautifulchicken cacciatore for the last 20 minutes.

And you want to rotatethem every now and then.

First, because you don'twant the chicken to get stuck to the bottom.

Second, because you want to makesure that the chicken is cooked properly everywhere, evenly.

And look, this is heaven.

Now, when you serve thisbeautiful chicken or any dish that you serve, make sureyou put pride into it.

So put a little bit ofsauce in the middle.

Use a nice plate.

Decorate it properly.

Put the sauce on top.

And just a final touch–a little bit of parsley.

Very simple, but it'salways nice to present it this way to yourguests and for yourself.

Foodie friends, I can't describethe smell in my kitchen.

The fungi porcini is unique.

If you never had fungi porcinibefore, you're missing out.

Now, the bestchicken cacciatore– it's about to be enjoyedby Vincenzo's Plate.

And I want you to make it.

Help me to make this videoone of the most popular videos on YouTube.

Just like it, comment, andshare it with your friends.

Of course, red wine is what youneed too have– it's a must– with chicken cacciatore.

I'm using a [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]today– it's a new winery.

Thank you very muchfor watching my show.

We'll see you on thenext Vincenzo's Plate with your recipe.

[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]Vincenzo's Plate.




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