Chef My Guest #5 – England: (Hearty Vegan Soul Food / Doyurucu Vegan Soul Food)

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Today we are with our guest Cel.

She comes from England.

Her family roots go to Ghana, and the Caribbean as I remember.

I will let her introduce herself a bit.

Okay, I don't remember what I was saying last but.

I asked her to tell us what soul food is.

It's the kind of food that makes you feel better even when you're sad.

That's gonna improve your mood, and that's gonna fill up your stomach and make you happy in general.

Then I asked her about its origins, and she said that it comes from southern part of USA.

Now, Cel asked me to.

Start roasting the onions first in the pan.

She says she likes the taste of onions better when they are a little browned in the beginning.

Which is similar to what we do in our traditional cooking.

She is adding the peppers at the end, because she likes them when they are crunchier.

Cel says now that the onions got browned enough.

We can put in the other veggies that we chopped into chunky pieces.

After having cooked the eggplants and zucchinis for about 5 minutes.

The broccoli comes into play.

Cel says that, she also likes the broccoli crunchier, and not overcooked.

In a short while we will add the tomato in, and a little bit of water.

And also a little bit of tomato paste maybe.

She said the tomato paste will add to its flavor, so we will add it in.

And now, we will add the garlic cloves that we roughly chopped.

Smells magnificent.

Very nice.

The tomatoes.

She said she wants them right in the middle.

We're gonna add some tomato paste now into our pan.

Now we sprinkled some cumin over our food.

The mixed veggie stew is almost like a türlü now (a Turkish dish made of a variety of vegetables).

After adding in all the spices, tomatoes, and the tomato paste.

All of the ingredients have blended in and embraced each others now.

Let me show you the state that the red lentils are in.

I mean, they are still intact, each one in one piece.

Cel made us a hearty vegan soul food.

This is one filling meal, satisfying, a beautiful vegan dish.

I think it's delightful!.

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