Chat Patois: Learn How To Speak Jamaican

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This is dedicated to all those who have ever made fun of my accent.

Screw you.

This Jamaican dialect, or "Patois,".

Is an amalgam of borrowed languages, and colourful, and unique expressions.

Welcome to "Chat Patois," a facilitated course for non-native speakers.

If you, or someone you know, has ever sounded like this "Yeh mon went right down to da beach where I met up with Bob Marley and he sold me a curry goat, and everyting was Iri- [PAWNCH] Consider this an intervention.

Today, we will begin our lesson with a with a key vocabulary word.

The ever-versatile, multipurpose word, "Rass" Rass can be used to convey a variety of sentiments in a wide range of circumstances I'm too lazy to type any more captions.

Sorry about that.

Good luck.

Source: Youtube