chane ka khatta (sweet and sour chickpea recipe)

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Today we are going to make chana ka khatta ingredients required are black chana 1 bowl soaked in water beasan(gramflour),red mirch(chilly) powder,amchur(dry mango) powder,salt,saunf(Fennel), dhania powder(coriander powder),jeera(cumin seeds),haldi(turmeric),dry red chilly, sugar or gudd(jaggery) first of we add 1 table spoon mustard oil oil is hot now add dry red chilly add hing add 1 tea spoon add saunf add 1 tea spoon jeera(cumin seeds) add 1 spoon dhania(coriander) powder add 2 spoon besan(gram flour) mix well now besan is ready now add chana add 1 spoon haldi(tumaric powder) 1 spoon red chilly powder mix well again till it is roasted add salt as per taste now add water as per your consistency now we will cook till 10-15 minutes now we add 2 SPOON amchur(dry mango) powder add 2 spoon sugar cook till 5 mins more it should not be much thick recipe is ready to eat mostly served with rice.