Ceviche & Arroz Con Pollo: South American Recipes : How to Serve South American Ceviche

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Now first you going to get you a nice glass as you spooning in to theglass make sure you have a nice presentation.

Because you want people to see what kind ofingredients that you put in so you always want to make a nice glass you have a nicepresentation for your guest.

So yougoing to go ahead and put that in and make a nice pyramid and then next step put a niceslice of orange.

So that people know what kind of ingredients that you use while makingthe ceviche.

Put a nice lime twist on top there for nice presentation, next the bestingredient inthe world.

You're going to add your nice tostadas so for them so they can dip in or spoon in.

Soyou're going to get a fork and then you can actually break them you know here break thema little for them into little fours here.

When they do come always ask them to takeone and then a fork a little sample on, there we go getting on, add a little more? Forkit in and then you have your ceviche.

So every time you want to have ceviche or have a littleparty, make some ceviche and people will go wild.

Uhmm, perfect so I'm signing out andI'm Kenyatta because mytaste buds are overwhelmed, good night.