Ceviche & Arroz Con Pollo: South American Recipes : How to Serve Arroz Con Pollo

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Now that your rice is fully cook what do wedo no we added the chicken as well.

Now it's time for plating so you're going bring yourpot over to your nice decorated bowl for a family for a large family.

You're going toget it you're going to pour it in nice and we're going to make sure to get in, it allnice and even, put it in.

Then we spread it out you know like for a nice family plate.

This is for a nice for have a nice conversation after your days of work, how's work.

So isnot a very hard dish to make so because the only thing you do is the rice and chickenand boiled and that's what you have to do.

And it's nice to have a nice meal that youdon't have to plate over as much this is a great dish.

Once you get all nice and evenout you?re going to go ahead and put your celery in the middle so like this you do yourcelery and then also a nice garnish around to present it.

For a nice family gatheringThanksgiving or either Christmas you know, I know everybody wants traditional turkey.

But how about the chicken and rice is always good and is always good for the soul in southernheart, so chicken and rice is always best for the soul.