Ceviche & Arroz Con Pollo: South American Recipes : How to Make a South American Ceviche

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Now that you know about ceviche and whereit comes from we are going to get back to the ingredients that you need.

First you aregoing to start off with a bowl of shrimp that we have here so you need to spoon the shrimpin.

Next we are going to use diced tomatoes that you can either buy ripe tomatoes or cannedtomatoes or cherry tomatoes as well.

Next we are going to get diced onions which arereally good.

I prefer red onions which are really good and have a really good flavor.

Next you are going to pour in not ripped but very firm avocado as well then next we aregoing to put some crab meat, which is really good imitation crab meat but some people preferregular crab meat instead but hello, imitation crab meat is really good and very sweet andgoes good to flavor the ceviche.

Next what you are going to do is get some salt whichI apparently don't have right now.

We are going to get some salt right here such assea salt or kosher salt as well.

We are going to add a little salt on the top as well, justfor seasoning then also next you are going to add a little pepper but not too much soyou won't overpower it you may lose the naturals of the ceviche as well.

Next you are goingto go with a nice ripe lime.

First you are going squeeze the lime, you are going to cutthe lime and squeeze in the lime juice.


Squeeze them in very good.

Once you squeezeall those limes in usually I do all limes but I like to add a little nice orange flavorto it too and a little citrus so I am going to add a little orange as well and it givesit a nice sweet flavor instead of that hard you know typical ceviche nice hard tart flavor.

It adds a little citrusy flavor.

So once you have all those ingredients added in you aregoing to stir the ceviche, stir it in, give it a nice big stir from the bottom up, goingin and turning and by the way ceviche is always nice to have around because you never knowwhen people do not want a heavy dish or a cream based thing.

People always do dips likespinach dip but ceviche is always loved throughout the country so once you get all that stirredin and it is all nice and stirred and you have the juices in, last but not least youare going to add the prime ingredient which is cilantro.

Cilantro is a great flavor thatadds to the ceviche.

You are going to roll it up you are going to finely dice the cilantro.

Once you do all that protect your fingers, and switch and make sure that you don't cutoff any of those lovely fingers that you want to use for that wedding day.

On that weddingday you don't want to be missing any fingers.

Once you have got all the cilantro choppedup, place it in, then get all that nice flavored cilantro and stir it in.

Once you have itall stirred in and your arm is tired then you are done.

Once you have all the ingredientsin, your lime, and your salt and pepper and your orange as well, then your arm is tired,and then you're stopping.

Then next on is for eating.