Ceviche & Arroz Con Pollo: South American Recipes : How to Cook Chicken for Arroz Con Pollo Recipe

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Now the first step is putting your chickeninto the water.

So you're going to put all your chicken in.

Doesn't matter how your chickenis.

Just throw it in.

You're going to let that boil as well.

I'm going to put that inthe sink.

And then next you're going to get your veggies, which is your celery and onions.

You're going to fork them in as well.

So once you've got all those ingredients in then you'regoing to add your salt.

Personally I prefer sea salt which gives it a good flavor to yourmeals, or kosher salt.

Depending on what you like.

And also a little pepper for taste beforeyou add your rice.

Then next you're going to go ahead and get your long spoon and you'regoing to stir it.

So once you've got all that stirred in you're going to let it cook, letit boil until your chicken is fully cooked inside and out.

And you're going to cook itfor at least 30, which takes actually 30 to 35 minutes.

And then after that you're goingto add your rice.

After you peel your meat off your chicken.

And we'll see you in 30minutes.