Ceviche & Arroz Con Pollo: South American Recipes : How to Combine Ingredients for Arroz Con Pollo

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Now after you?re done, all your chicken readyand taken all your chicken out, and put in your rice to let it cook for a while.

Whatyou're going to do is have your chicken some of it so you?re going to peel off the chicken.

Letting in the chicken in to the pot you don't want to get no bones.

You don't want to chokeanybody or have somebody say oh, he's a bad cook because it has bones.

You know how thoseCalifornians are (laughing) not but after that you peel it all in toss all every chickenin.

Make sure like I said no bones because you don't want no bones, nasty bones.

So onceyou get all that in then get your big spoon and stir in.

Because I'm a southern boy andwe love bones but you got to appeal to everybody, right? Keep all those bones out stirring itup have that grease in there give a little flavor as well.

So this southern dish is almosta wrap.

So once you get all that in, have your rice fully cooked also.

And then you?reready for plating for the family and have a nice dinner and a nice big belly after theyeat, so let's plate this up and show you how to present it.