Ceviche & Arroz Con Pollo: South American Recipes : Candy Cooking Tips for Candy Apples

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Your first step is, you're gonna be pouringyour corn syrup within the pot that you have here.

Make sure that your stove is on lowheat before you start pouring in.

This will give it a nice heated up, a nice temperaturewhen you're pouring it in.

What you can do is gonna go ahead and pour in your syrup hereand as you do this you're gonna keep in mind that you still have your sugar to add andalso your other ingredients as well.

After that, you're gonna make sure that you're gonnapour your sugar in.

Make sure you pour your sugar in and that will end it and then youstir your sugar in.

Once you start, you stir in your sugar, you want to let it cook forat least twenty-five to thirty minutes on medium heat and then I'll see you at the nextstep.