Central African Republic / Cooking with improved cookstove #2

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Good evening We are here to speak about how you cook What is your name? My name is Motema Motema, I would like to ask you about the cookstoveyou receved from COOPI.

Does it help you or not? Since you have it, what good or bad sides do you note? It helps me to cook Do you prepare food on it? Yes And comparing it to the 3-stone fireyou used before?Is there difference? That, there, consumes a lot of firewood! That one?That one consumes a lot of firewood? yes And this, does it use a lot of firewood as well? NoIt does not use a lot Can you finish cooking with only this wood? With this little firewood? Yes When it is finished,we can put other firewood What is the value of firewood for cooking?For example 100 francs? From the morning to the evening, it can be a value of 300 francs ok, that's why we came to ask youif this cookstove is better than 3-stone fire Do you want to add anything?Say anything to COOPI? If you don't speak louder, how can we ear you? Thanks to COOPI Thank you.

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